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    Default For Randymon ? Rates for 2012

    Randy - my husband & I are scheduled to come in May for our 10 year anniversary and have a vow renewal ! We have been planning this for a year and had been super excited ! We have found out though my father has cancer and will start receiving chemotherapy and then surgery in May . We dont have the exact date yet for surgery and don't want to add any stress to my folks but even asking so we are not sure if the trip will be possible . Its a hard road but my dad is a fighter and we are ready to help in any way we can . We feel we may need to cancel the trip and hope to come maybe next May 2012 .... do you know when the rates may come out so we can determine what we should do ..... Everyone that I have talked to in reservations has been so wonderful , explaining all our options for cancelling or re-booking so I know we have time to make our final decision .
    Thanks for any help you can provide !!! We will get there - it just might be for our 11th wedding anniversary !

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    Hi Patty3404,

    I have sent all U.S. tour Operators the 2012 rates. Canadian Tour Ops this week. Check back on Wednesday. The rates and resort credit offer should be online by then.

    Couples Resorts

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