Hi there-
I'm new to posting to these boards, but have found previous posts to be very helpful. I'm hoping I can get some guidance.

My husband and I are planning a visit to Jamaica between Christmas and New Years 2011. While we've never been to Couples, we're certain that we want to try out one of the resorts. Our concern in the weather. We're particularly interested in Negril and Tower Isle (although San Succi is also a consideration...we're interested in AN so CSA is off our list). I've seen on other travel sites (namely Trip Advisor) that the Ocho Rios area has some yucky weather at the end of December; meanwhile, the weather near Negril was gorgeous. I realize a rainy day at Couples beats any sunny day at the office...but I'd obviously like to enjoy the resort as much as possible. For me, that means sunny skies.

Was the end of 2010 just an anomaly in Ocho Rios, and the weather is usually sunny? Any comments or other considerations?