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    Default CSA candles/oils

    We are at the Passionate Level for Romance Rewards. Our fifth trip is coming up in April and I have already pre-registered. I chose candles/oils. What are they like? Any pictures?

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    Well, on previous trips we received a coconut shell with a small bottle of massage oil (sort of orange/spice scented) and a small pillar-style yellow/orange-y colored candle. This last trip to CSS, we received a jasmine scented (tranquility) candle in a tin, and a larger bottle of massage oil (also jasmine scented) and it was tied into a Couples plastic bag with a bow. No coconut shell..... so it's not a whole lot of help, huh?

    We usually get the candles/oil, since the sparkling wine/chocolate seems silly at an all-inclusive, and good gosh... we have enough darn T-shirts already.

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    We were at CSA over Thanksgiving and received the candle/coconut shell/oil that Vee mentioned.

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    Just got back from CSA. Sorry, I don't have a photo, but it is a small bottle of oil with a 3" pillar candle in a coconut shell. We love the oil, especially great for dry skin from winter weather.

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    I like the sparkling wine and rum cake/got them the last 2 visits at CSA and will request again for our first visit at CSS next week.

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