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    Default Negril Hills Golf Course - Credit Card Usage

    Does anyone know if you can pay for the caddie fees with Mastercard? We are heading down once again in March - last year we paid cash for caddie fees, and were wondering if they accepted Mastercard.



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    Hi Jenni,

    I am no help to you in answering your question, but since no one else has replied you might try calling the resort and directly ask them the question. The hotels direct lines can be found on the contact us page.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The phone number I have for the golf course is (876) 957-4638. You could give them a quick call and ask.

    Their email is .... but I have never once received any kind of reply from them about any questions I have ever emailed to them. I wish you better luck!
    Have fun!

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    fee , yes, but most likely not the tip

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    Fee, yes.... tip, no...

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