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    Default Looking for pynk322....

    Hi Donna. I see you are from Syracuse. We are too.(Lakeland) Where in Syracuse are you from? Going back to Couples soon? What resort did you stay at? Would like to chat about Couples if you want.

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    Hey 'Cuse,

    Got back from CN 1/30. Guess we missed some nasty weather but sure hasn't been great since we got back. We had an amazing time...again. I could hope on a plane and head back tomorrow.


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    Hi Donna. Glad you had a great time at CN. It's tough to come back to this weather. Never been to CN but 3 times to CTI and #4 this Sept. Can't come fast enough. Not wishing the summer away but going back to Couples is out of this world. Where in Syracuse are you from? Would like to try another Couples Resort but hooked on CTI.

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