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    My Boyfriend just loves buffets as he likes to browse and try lots of different things - especially desserts. I thought that the Palms at CSA had a buffet in the evening however now I think this may just be for pasta and salads. Can anyone confirm if/when they have any buffet meals at CSA. Im sure the food will be fab anyway but this would be the icing on the cake for my other half. Thanks

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    You are correct in that the dinner buffet is not as complete as what he might be looking for bur the nice thing is that he can order off the menu and eat from the buffet in the same meal. There is a nice lunch buffet and a dessert buffet in a separate area. There are always a lot of choices. The breakfast buffet is awesome and probably my favorite meal there. They do an international buffet on Mondays but it is at the same time as the Repeaters Dinner so I have not been to it. The Beach Party is a huge buffet on the beach so he will love that.

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    We went to the International Buffet during our first visit to CSA. It is really good. The great thing about all the restaurants is that you can order anything you want. If you want 2 entrees, then you order them! Trust me you will not be disappointed or hungry! LOL :O)

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    We just got back from CSA last week. The Palms has a full buffet on Friday for the beach party and on Monday for the International dinner. The rest of the evenings it is ala carte at the Palms with a salad bar and pasta bar available. He can always order 2 desserts. We never went hungry, that's for sure.

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    Though the dinner buffet may not be quite up to full expectations the lunch and breakfast buffets are absolutely great. I think it is at lunch that they have a desert table set up with at least a couple dozen selections to choose from. It is really terrific! Breakfast at Palms is my favorite meal of the day. Great food and I sit at my favorite table of any restaurant on the planet with a great cup of coffee and my best girl sitting across the table from me.

    Man, I can't wait to go back home in June.

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