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    Default TWO weeks of freezing!

    It has been TWO weeks of frozen roads, drifted sidewalks, and icy nights.

    CSS - Where are you?????

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    Where are you Papa? We have bee frozen for more than two MONTHS here in Iowa!
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    I got my car stuck at the end of my long driveway this morning, where the snowplow had filled in my driveway.... Took me a @@##$$&&** hour to get it out. I kept thinking about the CN beach, where I will soon be.

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    75 .. more.. days...

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    Where have you been??
    Was worried.

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    Amen! From Missouri and soooo sick of driving 25mph everywhere I go!
    March and CTI can't come soon enough. Getting closer where it starts feeling real. Going
    Back to CTI is the closest I can get to feeling like a kid on Chistmas eve. I'll have
    A hummingbird for ya papa since you had one for me years ago

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    36 days for us!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Welcome back Papa Smoke. Haven't seen you on the board for quite awhile. Where have you been?

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