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    Default Red Flag service at CTI

    Can anyone tell me if there is Red Flag service at CTI??. It was wonderful service at CN.

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    No. But they do come around the beach taking drink orders. We found it a bit hit and miss. We'd try to make eye contact but sometimes they just wouldn't look our way. Mind you, the beach was very packed at those times, and with people everywhere it must be hard to keep track. We didn't want to wave or call out, as that seems rude to me. So those times we just went to the bar. I'm sure it's better when the resort isn't at full capacity like that. Still, I prefer the flags and being able to just put them in the samd and let them notice and come by. I thought it worked well at both CSA and CSA.

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    Default Red Flag CTI

    Thanks JamCraze

    Much appreciated.

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