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    Default Csa and negril night life

    We are looking for one or two excursion ideas. I read that negril has a night life, one spot mentioned was alfreds beach bar, wanting to do something a little different, visit somewhere that the locals also go. any ideas would be great we are going there Nov5-13 we are planning the private dinner on the beach and Ricks cafe so far.This will be our second visit.

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    Some of the late night beach joynts can be hot-hot-hot; but you will want to use a bit of savvy if you go. Be sure of your transport (can be arranged by the concierge), leave the bling in your safe, and try traveling with another couple. Someone should be the designated adult to be sure that everyone gets back to the resort safely. And remember what the laws are on the island.

    Keep your smarts about you (just like you would at home) and enjoy your night! The beach scene at Alfred's and other places along the Negril strip and The Cliffs can be a real blast!


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    Take a look at the reggae concerts going on One love concert series. Too soon to know who will be playing during your visit, but keep it in mind : Also, take a walk down the beach to the Left of CSA, you will find signs up along the beach advertising nightly entertainment along the beach. Also, I have always found the guys at guest services to provide me with nightly entertainment information for off the resort.

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