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    Default Which is best for Vow Renewal: CSS or CSA

    My hubby and I visited Couples Sans Souci for the first time Oct 28th-Nov 5th 2010. This was also our first time to Jamaica and fell in love with both! Sans Souci is so very romantic and the Couples chain really know how to treat you. That being said, we would like to renew our 16th yr anniversary and dont know which resort to choose from, either would be great since its a Couples Resort!! Any feedback would be welcome. The Gazebo at Sans Souci or The Beach at Swept Away!? Which one guys??

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    What are you looking for specifically...personally? You are going to find people who love both and they are both right, it's personal perference.

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    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    They are both fantastic. Since you have already been to Sans Souci, my advice would be to try Swept Away this time. That way you'll get to see a different part of Jamaica and spend time on that amazingly awesome beach. It will be more of an adventure and thus more memorable.

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