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    Default First time to CN Honeymoon help

    My fiancee are heading to CN this summer. It's our first time at Couples (or at any all inclusive). We are definitely excited but we have a few questions.

    What do I need to do to get the honeymoon rewards they give out? When I purchased the trip I specified it was for a honeymoon. The website said I should receive champagne and a complementary 30 minute couples massage. Do I need to do anything to get these or will I found out about it when I get there? Also does the massage take place on the beachfront?

    If we want to order another massage can we do that when we get there or do we have to schedule it in advance? Again can we get the massages at the beach front stand?

    What activities does anyone suggest? We would like to go zip-lining and maybe go to YS falls. Does anyone have any opinion about these? Also what is Rick's cafe like, is it worth a trip?

    Any other advice or opinions would be appreciated.


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    Last time we were at CN we went to Rick's. Watching the cliff diving, and possibly participating, is pretty cool. Great sunsets, and there was a pretty good reggae band that started playing later in the evening.

    We were disappointed with the food and drinks. Possibly because we could get all that back at the resort without paying extra.

    Also, we had the CN desk set up a cab for us, and it was fairly expensive. I found out later that I could have called Rick's, and they offer a free (or heavily discounted) ride from the resorts. If you take a cab, set the price beforehand.

    Irie, mon!

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