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    Default Woohoo! I'm doing my jamaican dance!

    My husband and I just booked our 4th trip to CSA for this June! We are so excited. My parents, sister and her husband and my brother and his girlfriend and my cousin and her boyfriend will be joining us too. It will be their first time so I'm hoping they will think of Jamaica as home away from home.

    Since we are going as a group will CSA accommodate our size for dinners and excursions that are offered there. Should we call Couples and let them know ahead of time?

    Thanks for any information.

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    Are your brother and sister a Couple in love? This seems odd...

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    When we were there in October there was a pretty large group there...I'd guess there were 8-10 people in the group. They had dinner together a couple evenings at the same time as us and they were at one table. I'm assuming it's your brother and his wife and sister and her husband so you will have a party of 8.

    The only bit of advice I'd give you is to be respectful as far as the noise level. Since Couples is mostly just couples you recall the peacefulness of the atmosphere. When those bigger groups get loud or rowdy it is not so well received by other guests.

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    check out who else is going on the "June 2011 " thread. Thinking brother and sister are bring significant others?!? cause that is alittle to much family bonding for me. lol

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    Oh my gosh, it did sound that way. No my brother and sister are not in love. They'll be with their significant other. There will be 5 couples going.

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    Luckily we are pretty low key group so no worries about us getting rowdy or anything like that. Heck half of the group doesn't drink alcohol anyway. We'll probably only have dinner one night together, I just wanted to see if it was possible. Most of us are going to enjoy the peacefulness of Jamaica.

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