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    This may seem like a dumb question, but I just noticed that none of the restaurants at CSS seem to be open for breakfast. Does everyone order room service for breakfast?

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    I have only been to COR (now CTI) so I am assuming they are all the same. You will get a note on your door for breakfast room service. You can check all options that you want the night before and in the morning they will bring it to your room (I suggest picking everything) The chocolate rolls are to die for. If CSS doesn't offer this option switch to CTI immediately

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    Huge buffet every morning in the Palazina!
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    Default breakfast

    I double checked just to make sure the info was on the site, even though I was just there in the summer. It does show on the site, and from having been there, Pallazzina is where you want to go for breakfast. Beautiful sitting outside and overlooking the beach, water and beautiful surroundings. You can order a continental type of breakfast to your room, but Pallazzina has the buffet spread and made-to-order omelettes, etc. Enjoy.
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    The Palazzina (sp) rest. serves a full buffet breaskfast daily. The other two restaurants on property do not serve breakfast.

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    The Pallazina is open for breakfast. They have a full buffet as well as an omelet & waffle station where an awesome chef makes your omelet/waffle to order. You have your bacon, sausage, potatoes, etc. and there's usually a traditional caribbean dish, too. There's also fruit, toast, pastries, pancakes, french toast... There is room service for breakfast, but they offer continental breakfast only.

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    The pallazina? also has a bloody Mary and sparkling wine area if you are into that for breakfast.

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    Where can you get fresh coffee in a pot for breakfast other than Pallazina?
    Does the 24-grill have fresh coffee. Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    Where can you get fresh coffee in a pot for breakfast other than Pallazina?
    Does the 24-grill have fresh coffee. Thank You
    Room service.

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    What kind of coffee does the beach grill have? Thank You
    Not interested in ordering room service if possible.

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    The view from Pallazina --
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    The beach grill has the Jamaican blue mountain blend and a Nestle Capacchino (sp) machine

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