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    Default US Dollars or Jamaican Dollars?

    Hi there

    Coming over from London and wondered which currency to use in Negril.... US Dollars or Jamaican Dollars? Seems like both are used but which is recommended as don't really want to carry around both denominations

    Also in terms of tipping what is rate of standard tipping and what currency is more acceptable (aware that tipping staff in the resort is not permitted but for outside of the resort)


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    US is preferred and more acceptable

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    We use US dollars, never needed Jamaican.

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    I'd go with US currency - get lots of $1s and $5s because vendors often don't have change. For tipping, like for the baggage handlers at the airport and the shuttle driver - we usually have two bags so we tip $5. For the shuttle driver, we tip $5 or $10 per person depending on our experience. On off-site excursions, you will be politely urged to tip the tour guides, and their livelihood does depend on tourists' generosity. Again, $5 or $10 per guide...or more! Don't feel pressured to tip a certain amount, just do what feels right according to the service you receive.

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    Take small bills. If do any shopping in town (or even at the airport), you may get your change back in Jamaican.
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    Tip as you would anywhere else... off resort, that is!

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    US is all you need. Most places want US over JA.
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    Thanks guys

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    Default Both

    If you are staying at Couples the entire time then you should only need US. But if you are planning on going off of the resort a lot you really should have both. Since the exchange rate changes on a daily basis we found that most people kind of guestimate on how much change to give back. Last time we were there we kept asking ourselves why didn't we get any Jamaican currency it would have been sooo much easier. We got wrong change back I don't know how many times. So I would suggest both if you are planning on doing excursions or a lot off of the resort!

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    For years we only took US dollars but like mentioned in the other posts it gets really confusing when they give you change in JA dollars. This happens mostly off the resort - not at the airport. So, we started bringing both. I found that the vendors walking the beach did not want JA money. They wanted US. The stores/shops along the beach and road took both but you change in JA and I just can't do the math in my head fast enough after a few Red Stripes. Plus we found the JA prices much better.

    With the exchange rates changing so fast I would recommend you buy JA dollars at home before you leave. You will get better prices. What ever you do don't buy JA dollars from someone on the street. You might get scammed. I think you can buy about $100a day from the money exchange at the resort. I haven't done it before but I understand you have to charge it to a credit card.

    Good Luck and happy vacation.

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