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    Default Any tips very much appreciated!

    Hi! My husband and I have never gone anywhere like this before. We are going to CTI in March and are extremely excited. I have no idea what to expect or what "must haves" I should bring. So tips on sunblock and bugs and anything else would be greatly appreciated! Don't do's would be appreciated as well!

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    Read the FAQs!
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    There is a "wish I thought of that" thread that has tons of info. Search for it.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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    Don't overpack! You will be in your swimsuit most the time, and you will not use half the clothes you bring. I overpack everytime! LOL

    Things I always take:

    Reading Material
    Deck of Playing Cards
    Lip Balm
    Ponytail Holders
    A few swimsuits and a couple cover ups
    A couple nice dresses or slacks/nice shirts for dinner
    Razor/Shaving Cream

    I don't really need much more than this! :O)

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    Kimbuffin...first and foremost you couldn't have picked a better place, CTI is fantastic. Here's just a few things to help get the most from your stay.
    - Do the resort orientation, it doesn't take too long and it helps
    - Look at the excursion schedule and decide which excursions are right for you and what you have time for. Not sure how long you are staying. You'll want to at least do the big three; Dunns River, Horseback riding, and catamaran. Sign up early to get your preferred times and days.
    - Check out the restaurants and menu's and make your reservations a few days in advance to get your best time, Only 8 Rivers and Bayside need reservations. But definetly try ALL the dining experiences, they are fantastic
    - If your interested in trying the island, do it early in your stay. If its not for you no worries, but if you like it you want to have as many days as possible to enjoy it.
    - Order the continental room service breakfast at least once, it nice to take a nice relaxing morning in your room or on your balcony.
    - Explore the resort and take advantage of everything they have to offer, the watersports desk is great and includes sailing lessons, kayaks, and a glass bottom boat ride.
    - Make time to grab a snack at the Pool grill, great burgers, hot dogs, beef patties, nachos, and fantastic jerk chicken.
    - other than that sit back, relax, and soak in everything the resort, the people, and jamaica offers.

    have a great trip, you will love it.

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    ps... for the excursions.
    Horseback riding: Make sure you have casual long pants (jeans, capris) and closed shoes/sneakers.

    Dunn's River: Bring water shoes or old tennis shoes, you can rent them but I'd rather have my own.

    You will need some cash for tips on the excursions; the dunns river guides, your horseback riding guide, the catamaran crew, and the shuttle drivers. None of these are couples employees so they can be tipped.

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