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    Default Recent Photos of CSA

    Can anyone who recently returned from CSA post some photos of the beach at CSA. I am curious how mother nature is doing with putting the sand back from the storms last year. We are heading there in late May and are curious how it is going to look compared to our trip in August 2009.


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    Look for another thread like this from a few weeks ago. The beach looked good, a little smaller than before with a few tide pools on the north side.

    We were there in July of 2009 and will be there the last week of May as well. I think it'll be back to normal by then. See you there!!

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    This is from Jan 22-29/11

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    I don't have any photos, but we just returned from there. The beach was as wide as it has been on any of our 3 visits there. It was just lovely.

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