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    Default Trying to decide between CN and CSA

    We have never been to Couples b4 we think we finally narrowed it down to CN or CSA can someone who has been to both tell us what they think the differences are? Also which side trips seem better than others. Any thoughts would be welcomed and helpful thanks

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    What do you like in a resort?

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    Okay I have stayed at CSA twice, and I absolutely love it!!! I have been to CN on a day pass, and I didn't like it as much. The differences for me:


    The beach is more active, and if you like walking down the beach, it is much bigger. The resort is more spread out, and it has a rustic beachy feel to it. There are more restaurants to choose from, and I love the beach bars.


    The beach was quieter, and there is a AN beach if you're into that. :O) We didn't like the hotel feel of the property, and we didn't like the beach as much. It was too quiet for us, and there were no bars on the beach. They do have flag service just like CSA, which is great, but we enjoy getting up and going to the beach bars at CSA to hang out for awhile and take a break from the sun.

    I can tell you that we did eat at CN, and the food was really good just like at CSA. The staff at both resorts are really friendly. So, I think it's just all about what you're looking for in a resort. Some people will swear by CN and others will swear by CSA. :O)

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    Default CSA is our choice

    My husband will be making our 7th trip back to Negril in July. We stayed 2 times at CN and 4 times at CSA. CSA is definitely our favorite--more beach space, more restaurants, better positioning of the rooms to the beach. Can't wait to get back!

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    i would say we are looking for more on the sights of the resort sunsets beach etc nightlife is not all that imoprtant day acctivities are

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    Thanks can you comment on the off site trips zip line river raft etc?

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    Been to SweptAway 8 times, going for #9 in October. Never been to CN, but I'm sure its MUCH better than SweptAway... I ALWAYS recommend CN...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We have stayed at CN many times..We have done two trading places to CSA..First one was to see CSA and we did not like it..So we tried it again the following year.Still,nothing touched us..To me CSA is to spread out..Sorta like an Hawaiian military base.Pretty but not not real friendly.
    We think CN is located on "the" beach of Negril...So many less vendors at CN so you are hounded less.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    CSA definately! The sunsets are breath taking and the beach is so big that no matter how many people are there you can always find your perfect spot! Love CSA!!

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