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    Default The Sands Shuttle

    We will be at CSA of the excursions is to The Sands. Can someone explain what exactly this is and how long it lasts? I don't recall seeing any posts on this subject. Thanks in advance!

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    There used to be a sunset trip to Rick's Cafe. Now they go to the Sands. Both are on the Cliffs near Negril Point Light House, and provide spectacular sunset views!

    Hope that helps...


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    The Sands is at the end of The Caves, a small hotel on the cliffs near the Negril lighthouse. It's a large patio area at the top of the cliffs with a bar, a guy who cooks jerk chicken, and a 33-foot jump from the cliffs into the water.

    On certain nights, the hotel opens up The Sands to the public, and on a couple of nights, CSA offers a shuttle down there. If I recall correctly, it's about a 2 hour trip, centered around watching the sunset from the cliffs.

    It's a beautiful, laid-back setting, totally different from Rick's, which is a large, touristy setting. From what I can tell, Rick's will be jam packed with people, loud music, and an overall party atmosphere (I've never been; only seen it from the Catamaran). The Sands is typically pretty quiet, uncrowded, and just a totally different vibe.

    I highly recommend taking the shuttle over to see it. Have a drink, watch Paul (the lifeguard at The Caves) dive off the platform, and then take the leap yourself if you're up to it. But don't think you're getting something like the atmosphere at Rick's, or you're likely to be disappointed.

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    Yes...thanks! We sort of already have plans to go to Rick's Cafe' one night, is it worth going to The Sands on another night too at sunset? Anyone know how long the "excursion" is? 1-1/2 hrs. or more?

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    Its more laid back than Ricks & well worth the trip. I think it's fair to say that opinions differ on Ricks

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    How long is the shutle ride from CN to Ricks or the Sands?

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