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    Default John and Kim from NH

    We are looking forward to our day visit to CN and seeing you on Friday. 7 days left on our CSA countdown clock. Just in case you don't see us, it means Trading Spaces was already booked for that day. But we'll try to sign up the day we arrive at CSA. Soon come.

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    Hi Sue & Bill

    Our CN countdown clock is down to 11 days until we leave for Jamaica!! We just got back from the Boston Travel Show and got to see Darin at the Couples booth. We told him we were going to meet you guys and, even though we live close by, we have to go to Jamaica to see you.

    When you get to the CN lobby and look out over the pool, we will be to the right on the beach, towards the water sports. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

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    Default John and Kim from NH

    You have to be as excited as we are! 12 more SLEEPS for us...hope to see you on Monday, 2/28.

    btw...great "snow" pic!

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    Looking forward to going to CSA on Monday.

    ...Kim did the picture.

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    Default Kim & John - NH

    It was good to see you both!!! Thanks for looking us up on the beach! I will post a full review in a few days of our stay @ CSA; however, my final conclusion is that my favorite beach & restaurant(Otaheite) is at CN. But, I liked the more casual atmosphere at night at CSA and I much prefer the Atrium room at CSA too. Can I create "my" PERFECT place in Jamaica with a little bit from both resorts? LOL

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    Default Sharon & Will

    If you can create that PERFECT place in Jamaica, we'll be there every year!

    I have to agree with you about the Atrium rooms. We loved the Atrium room when we stayed at CSW a few years ago, but we like the way CN is laid out, the beach, and there is a lot of the staff that we have gotten to know over the years.

    It was good seeing you again. Hope you have fun next year in the 50th state for your ??th birthday and maybe see you sometime later at Couples.

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