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    Default Dress code at CSS (again!)

    This topic has been flogged to death but I've just read that jackets are also required. The article reads:-

    Casanova... Classic gourmet French cuisine elegantly presented with European flair. Dinner only. Jackets, dress shoes and reservations required.

    I haven't read that jackets are required on the notice board. Can someone confirm please?



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    Jackets are not required at Casanova for men, just slacks, collared shirt, and closed shoes. Jackets used to be required before Couples bought the property, so the article you read is probably picking up on that old information. We ate at Casanova twice when we were at CSS and Bob did not wear a jacket either time.

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    i didn't even pack a was hard enough to get me into long pants there, no way in hell i'm wearing a jacket. I wore a Hawaiian shirt and long pants

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    Where did you read that?
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    Just returned and Jackets are NOT required. Just long pants, collared shirt and closed shoes for the men.

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    Default Dress code at CSS (again!)

    Thanks all. I don't remember where I read it now.

    Roll on July!!

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