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    Default Reggae Marathon December 5th

    Anyone running in the Reggae half or full marathon December 5th? My husband and I are running in the half marathon!

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    My husband is running the half. I'm planning on walking the 10K. This will be our 4th trip down for the race (2005, 2007, 2008) and we're already booked for 2010. We'll be there from the 3rd - 10th. He ran the full marathon the first year, but he's not doing marathons anymore and the one in Jamaica is just too much. Hope to see you there.

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    May do the 10k, I don't feel like training for a 1/2 this year. I have done 3 fulls and so many 1/2s that I cannot count them anymore. I am having a great time running 5 and 10ks.

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    Planning to run the full fact starting the training progrram on the reggaemarathon website today. It will be my first marathon. My husband, who is very fit just not a runner, wanted to do it with me but the running I've had him do over the last month to get ready for the training program has caused him some knee pain so now he's waffling. He doesn't really want to run it but can't stand thought of me being able to say I've run a marathon when he can't (we're very competative with each other).

    I'll be shooting for 4:30 but I'll be happy with anything under 5 hours.

    Last year our shuttle was passing the marathoners as we arrived at CSA. So this year, I moved our vacation up a day just to be able to join them. We are arriving on Friday afternoon, running the marathon on Saturday morning and then spending the rest of the week on a floatie recuperating.

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    this is our first time there for the race! We have been to Couples Negril 2005 and Couples Swept Away 2007. Loved them both! This is our first half marathon! I love 5k &10k races as well,decided to do my first half in Jamaica! We will be there from Dec 3rd-10th!

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    I am using the training from the Reggae Marathon website for the half marathon.Started week three today! I haven't even started thinking about time, I just know I'm racing against sunrise for the first hour! I want to make good time before it gets too hot & get back to the swim-up pool bar!

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    I was training for the half last year but due to injury towards the end of my training I ended up running the 10K. It was one of the most enjoyable races I ran.

    We had beach front accomadations last year not knowing that Couples was going to through a beach party the night before the race. Needless to say the music stopped at midnight and I ended up getting 3-4 hours sleep. No Problem Mon, the cold red strip at the end of race and a Swept Away breakfast had me fast a sleep on the beach. Two hours later I was up and enjoying the day.

    We will miss it this year but will be in CSS in September. Good luck training and enjoy the race!!!


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    We won't be there this year as we'll be at CSS in November, but have made our reservations at CSA for 2010. Paul will probably run the half and me the 10K.

    Good luck to all who run this year, and, please post your stories on the board when you return!

    Karen & Paul

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