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    We are coming to CSA on the 23 of April. We were able to change our flight for no charge and arrive a day early. Unfortunatly the hotel is booked. So we decided this is our oppertunity to check out the cliffs for on night before arriving at CSA. I called and they cannot honor our shuttle a day early. I was just going to take the shuttle to CSA and then get a cab from CSA to the cliff hotel. I am really bummed that there is no way they can make this work for us. I feel that I should get to take advantage of both ways for the shuttle. Any suggestions?

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    It's easy to set up a transfer from the airport to the cliffs. We do it every trip since we always spend a few nights on the ciffs before heading to CSA. There are a number of good drivers and transfer companies. If you want I"ll be happy to email you the website for who we've used for 7 trips and never had a problem.(I'd post the link to the website here but I know its against Couples policy to post outside vendor info) If you don't mind possibly having to share the ride its $20pp, if you want a guaranteed private ride it would be $70 for the two of you. Have a great trip and enjoy your night on the cliffs!

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    I will probably (not probably will) get it in the neck for this but if you are not staying at CSA even for one night why would you expect them to shuttle you to CSA so you can save money on a taxi. it was your decision to change the trip.
    I am constantly amazed by some posts on the MB of people wanting something for nothing and have lost site of the fact that Couples is a business and yes they are very very generous with the Romance Rewards and it is much appreciated by most guests but they are still a business. Yes they try to treat everybody as family and a fantastic job they do but they are still a business, and i have to say their marketing strategy works very well but they are still a business, you are not visiting Aunt Maud in Watford.
    I have not been very articulate with this but i hope people get what i am trying to say.

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    They are not allowed due to insurance regulations.

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    mshell gave you some good advice for getting a shuttle to your other hotel for that first night. I do think you are being a bit unreasonable in your expectation that Couples gets you to Negril when you aren't a guest on that first day. The shuttle is for guests going to Couples resorts, it goes directly from the parking lot at the airport to the front door of the resort dropping the guests right in the lobby. Knowing this what would they do with you as you arrive and you are not a guest? If they stretch the rule for you it makes it easier for another person to ask that it be stretched in their circumstance and soon Couples becomes a bus stop with the lobby full of folks waiting for shuttles to other resorts. It's a complimentary service offered to guests arriving at the airport and going directly to a Couples resort.

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