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    Default REVIEW CTI Jan 27 - Feb 4

    Well since this is not a report on Thomas Cook I will skip that negative part, but I will say this slogan: Air Canada, weíre not happy until youíre not happy.. We arrived at the hotel at about midnight and to our pleasant surprise a cold drink was instantly delivered to the check in desk and later the Piano bar was still open were we were able to unwind and met another couple who had been there and gave us some great pointers. It is so nice to go to a resort and have it far exceed your expectations. I have to say the week we were there we met so many fabulous couples that it even made the trip that much better. I am not sure if it would have been the same without them.. I wonít name the names but Texas, Minnesota, Alberta, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, England. you know who you are .. Miss you all already. On that note letís see if I can give a complete report on our stay:
    Food: The food was exceptional at all times at the buffet. On our last trip to the DR, my husband did not eat for 7 days, but here we ate so much and left the table always wishing we had more room for more. Ladies if you eat at Eight Rivers or want to enjoy the Piano Bar in the evening (only closing after the last person leaves) bring a nice sweater the AC is very cold. My husband and I agree that although the Bayside and Eight River were very elegant, we preferred to eat at the Buffet. Definitely do not miss the Friday night buffet with all you can eat lobster with the very best garlic butter ever!! If lobster is not your thing of course there are many other choices. To my surprise one night I had also the best lamb I ever tasted. Wish I could have left there with some recipes I am sure dinner at home is no longer going to feel the same.
    *If you donít have Ocean View, ask for an upgrade and hopefully there will be one available, it will be the best money you ever spent and their prices are reasonable. Our first room was Garden and was bigger; however, the ocean view is unforgettable.
    *If you are not in a suite, there is no fridgeÖ thanks to a previous post we brought a collapsible cooler and it was filled for us with ice and as many beer as we wished no questions asked. This is a GREAT service since many of my other trips it is like pulling teeth to get one beer a day. This came in handy at the Buhda Pool at night to not have to worry if the Piano bar was open and go to collect drinks.
    *We were pleasantly surprised that you get two water bottles with the Couples logo them to keep, during your stay you can fill up the water bottles in the hall to have water in your room.
    *As a wake up call, we filled out the room service card every night so the next morning always on time, a pot of coffee and pastries were delivered to our balcony where we enjoyed and nice and slow wake up while looking out at the ocean.
    *Aloe Vera gel is included in your room no need to bring any.
    *Most evenings it was nice to dress up, bring summer dresses and men bring dress pants & shoes.
    *Bring water shoes you will need them at Dunnís river and some will want them in the ocean although the beach was nice enough to go without.
    *No need for bug spray in January.. but I hear there is a bug season check before going

    Island:Ah the Island. I have never been to an Au Naturel before and everything one might think if you havenít already been is wrong. We werenít sure on our way over if we would stay, but quickly felt more comfortable there than on any beach. There is no judgements and this is where we met most of our new friends. I would say that if you are thinking of going donít wait and go for it. There is a very nice swim up bar and if you donít want what is offered on the buffet (which is delivered daily) you can just ask and they will deliver hamburgers and fries from the deli. The radio is always on and there is usually lots of chairs to sit. Bring towels to sit on. Be careful on the North side, on a windy day, you might get sprayed by the ocean but this is normally a welcomed cool off. Gary the boat driver will sing to you both ways if you wish, this is definitely a highlight, you gotta love Gary. For all of you that have been you can relate to the fact that I am still singing.. Welcome, welcome to the land of clothes  (Just ask for the anthem on your way back)
    Grounds: Donít forget to go to the Bhudda pool in the evening, there are two hot tubs there, one is usually hotter than the other. Actually, one is too hot but the other okay, donít forget to have a drink of water before bed if you spend some time in the hot tub. Everything was always very clean. Apparently there are some birds but somehow I ran out of time and missed them. I guess I will need to go back.
    The entertainment crew is all so very friendly. They have a knack for remembering your name and make you feel like itís all about you. I must say the events lack energy but I am sure that suits some. It didnít affect us as we made our own fun. My favourite night was Friday on the beach as we just started dancing to the great music (Raggae) and had a great time. The music on the other evenings was more for those who were ready for bed. But hey, there is always the Piano Bar / sing along. Since our itinerary meant that we were not there Thursday night for the casino night, we were able to trade our play money we earned for participating for some nice prizes.
    There are things planned for everyone from a morning power walk (obviously I missed that one to a late evening Karaoke.. If you are not happy hereÖ well then your tough to please..
    Just remember if there is something you want to do, just ask and tah dah.. you normally can get in. Sign up right away when you arrive, but if it is full keep checking back because everyone is on vacation and spots seem to appear.
    Marguaritaville was a great mix up for those who want to get dancing. We had two busses go the night we went. Leaves Monday night at 10:30 There is a water slide there and the pool is quite warm even at night, in case you want to try it is a blast . I especially enjoyed the fact the we were escorted by resort staff as this is a public bar and felt very safe the whole time there. The beer was about $6.00 each or they give you these long funnels upon arrival and you fill them up for $12 or $16 I canít remember.
    Horseback ridingÖ this is a do not miss.. the tour guide is very informative and the view will take your breath away.. bring your camera and the tour guide will take your pictures for you. They do work for tips.
    Dunnís River. Everyone should do this once, it is majestic. I donít think I will do it again on tour though, if I go I would prefer without the guide only because it felt very rushed. There were places on falls that I would have liked to stop and play but we had to follow the group and go up the falls. I say this and realize that there were some spot that might be tough to go up without help. Please note if you are not strong enough to go up the falls you can exit at a couple of places and walk back up the trail or simply go and see the falls from the sidelines.
    Snorkelling was okay. The day I went was a little rough though so canít give a good report on it. Not very many fish were I was but I think on another day it may have been better.

    MUAH MUAH MUAH: Thank you for making our stay extra special; Gary..yes love Gary, Jean, Anguilia?, Damion!!!, Kaity, Shebah, Everest, Komoni.. oh the list goes on.. There is not one person there that did not go above and beyond to make me feel like a Princess.. my poor husband is now doomed lol.

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    Thank you so much for the great, detailed review!

    CTI seems to be the resort that I know the least about so it's nice to read some first hand information! It is #4 on our Couples wish list but we still might make it there one day.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you had a bad Air Canada experience? Care to share? We are flying Air Canada in just over 3 weeks and I have to admit I'm nervous about it...wished we could have booked the earlier WestJet flight instead!

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    Angele, don't forget to email us, we have Lynn's address but not yours.
    Had a blast with you and Ryan and the rest of the gang on the island and of course Buda pool! Thanks for your unexpected visit to San Souci - you guys are crazy!
    Dave & Dona

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    Quote Originally Posted by TravelBug View Post
    Thank you so much for the great, detailed review!

    CTI seems to be the resort that I know the least about so it's nice to read some first hand information! It is #4 on our Couples wish list but we still might make it there one day.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you had a bad Air Canada experience? Care to share? We are flying Air Canada in just over 3 weeks and I have to admit I'm nervous about it...wished we could have booked the earlier WestJet flight instead!
    Well all I have to say is count on delays, organized disorganization and some rude attendants. The good news is that it is only 4 hours to paradise. If you want a drink order 2 at a time because the service is slow. The food was good though, so not to worry too much about that. Don't bother paying for extra leg room because if you get the exit row, everyone with a small child that is crying will be rocking their baby in the space in front of you. Thomas Cook Row 11 a or 11 f, were probably the best for leg room and a window. Also good access to get out of your seat. On your way home definitely make sure the plane is on time not to leave the resort too early for a long wait in the airport (if you can).

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    We flew AC too Notty (we were at CTI same time as you actually) and my biggest complaint was how old the planes were. Food for purchase only, not included, no individual screens to watch the movie. Ugh. I'm someone who usually loves AirCanada and I was thoroughly disgusted.

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    Did you fly with Thomas Cook Canada (Jazz) as well out of Toronto, or just "regular" Air Canada?

    I checked my flight again and it's supposed to be a "regular" Air Canada flight, not the Thomas Cook- probably won't be as good as WestJet regardless

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    Nottyangel. Excellent review. I'm so glad you enjoyed CTI. We will be going back "home" to CTI this Sept. for our 4th time and bringing our friends with us for their 1st time. I will make sure that they read your review butt they already know that I won't steer them wrong when it comes to CTI.

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