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    Default HELP: What is the most modern Couples resort?

    We are getting married in August & we are looking for the most modern resort. I saw pictures of CSS and it looked older, not what we were looking for. What seems to be the most visited or talked about couples resort??

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    I think CSA is probably the most popular, but it does have a rustic beachy feel, not modern. CTI was just renovated recently so maybe that's what you're looking for. :O)

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    Most modern of all of the 4 Couples resorts would be CTI, BUT, for a wedding or honeymoon, I would think you would want the most romantic, which would be CSS, hands down!! It just oozes romance everywhere!!

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    None of them are particulary modern as far as style goes. They have all been updated and continue to be updated on a regular basis but they still have a beachy, Caribbean feel to them. The fixtures are updated so it's not like they seem old or anything. I think CTI had a fairly complete overhaul so maybe that one? At CSA it would really depend on what area you are on. The older section is obviously older even though it has been updated. The Greathouse is very new but I would hesitate to say it is "modern" When I think of a modern hotel I think of the W or something like that and none of the resorts are like that. They aren't old or falling apart either though, it's just a different style.

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    The most modern resort is CTI, so if modern is the most important factor for you in choosing a resort, you should check out CTI. The most visited or talked about resort? Not necessarily the most modern.

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    We have only been to CSS, but the rooms are nice. The resort property may not be modern, but that is what makes it so special. They don't build resorts like that anymore.

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    CTI had a 30million dollar renovation a couple of years ago, I would go for that one as the others all have a rustic feel and different vibe.

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    I think the most "modern" of the resorts is CTI. They just underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, and it has a more "south beach" tropical feel to it.

    We loved CTI last year!

    That being said, CSA is our favorite, but modern is about the last word I would use to describe it.
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    CTI is pretty modern. The decor is new and very sleek and contemporary. I have only been to CTI and CSA. We prefer CSA but it's not really modern. It is, however, AWESOME!!!! Good luck deciding.

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    Couples Tower Isle is definitely the most " modern" and chic of the four.
    The remodel is more like a Miami- South Beach hotel in color scheme and architecture.

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    THANK YOU for all of your input =)
    We are getting married on the resort (whichever one we choose) so what's the best one for weddings you think?? It's just me & my fiance' and I want to get married on the beach....

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    We did the sunset wedding(4pm) at CSA on the beach. It was amazing. We upgraded to rose petals on the isle and flowers on the wedding arch. Afterwards the sunset made for great pictures and a sand ceremony. We upgraded to have the steel drum band play music for the procession and wedding. Not sure if this is still available, but worth every penny. Then we had a small reception in the upper portion of the main dining area next to the martini bar with the steel drum band and ended with dinner and dancing in the main dining area. It was perfect!

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    I'm getting married at CSA on 03/21/11! Cannot wait! We've seen many weddings take place there, and they always look romantic and perfect! :O)

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    I have stayed at CSA and CSS, and visited CTI and CN on day passes. If what you want is a beach wedding, then I recommend CSA, no question about it.

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    The most modern may be CTI, but for a wedding on the beach... absolutely CSA for sure! (although CN may also be nice, haven't been)
    The beaches at CTI and CSS are private, but not nearly so nice as CSA. That's where we got married. The fact that it's not private wasn't an issue. They keep people well away, and we have tons of photos that look like we have the whole stunning beach to ourselves.

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    CTI is the most modern of the 4 Couples Resorts. But, modern is not what we go to Jamaica for. You might as well be in a hotel in the states. The other 3 of the Couples properties are beautiful Jamaican resorts.
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    Perhaps it would help the posters here on recommendations if you would go into a little more depth in what you are looking for. So far they only have modern & a beach wedding to go by. As you tell the recommendations are all over the map depending on what resorts the person favors.

    I've been to CTI before it was remodeled and CSA recently. There are a lot of things I prefer about CTI over CSA, but they are so many things CSA has that are better. If you can give some more ideas what you like and what you are looking for then you will probably get better advice.

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    CTI did have the renovations. They updated existing rooms and completely renovated the public areas as well as built a new building with rooms. CSA does have a new section also. I think it's called the Great House, but not sure. But if go looking for marble and glitz, I am afraid you will be disappointed no matter which one you chose. Couples is not about that. Now if you want great service, food, drinks and time alone with your s/o in a romantic setting, then you will delightfully surprised.

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