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Thread: December 2009

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    Sounds like a plan! We may go horseback riding that AM but we would go at 9:00 and should be back in plenty of time to meet at 12:30 at the buffet.
    Have a great Thanksgiving,

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    Happy Thanksgiving !

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    Default Ready to pack

    12 days and we will be Jamaica bound!! I have 10 reports to do at work and one week of being on call, I think this is the first time I have ever looked forward to being on call! We cannot wait to see the new look of CTI since our last time there was in 2004 right after the big hurricane.
    Tammy & Curtis

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    We are only 5 days away and I can NOT WAIT!

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    Woohoo just 5 more days and we will be home once again! Hey Pat have you began to pack yet ? I have all my clothes ready but am resisting the temptation to put them in the suitcases yet. By the way how will we recognize each other we have pic posted on Couples at Couples and Staff shout out threads are your pics posted? Well all who will be there Dec.7-17 we will see you soon!

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    5 MORE DAYS ---- Megan and Leah, we will see you guys sometime Sunday. I have your rooms made up and we set up a ride to the airport on Monday. Charlie and I made reservations for dinner Sunday 6:15 so be hungry. Can’t wait to be with you guys. Just think 7 nights at CTI. I’m packed –I know you guys are last minute, GET PACKING


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    Hi Dolly,
    Like you I have everything laid out but not in the suitcases yet. We leave Vermont Sat. late afternoon to drive to the airport in Hartford, CT., and will spend the night there as we have an early AM flight. We have a three hour layover in Miami so don't get to Montego Bay until 2:45 PM on Sunday.
    No, we don't have any pictures posted. I was never able to figure out how to do it! I have seen yours though so we will find you and John on Tuesday at the lunch buffet (if not before)!
    Safe travels,

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    Great we are so looking forward to seeing you both! Safe travels to you and Mike too! We can never sleep before we leave so we will probably nap Sunday after church, then do last minute things and spend the evening reflecting on our CSS trip and head to Pittsburgh about 3am for our flight we have a brief stop in charoltte then off to montego bay we arrive at 12:30 which means we will be home and ready to relax by 2:30pm on Monday! see you soon.

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    Default Cti 12/9-12/09 from the carolina's then over to css for 6 days

    Joe, cyndi jim and linda from little river/myrtle beach sc
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    I can't believe we're going to be on the island in 2 days, I’m so ready to just kick back and soak up the sun and rum. Jan, just to let you know girl--- We are packed and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, Craig said we should be at you house by 1:00. I was talking to Leah today and she thinks they will be there around 2:30 - You know how slow she is. LOL - OK guys -- It's almost here.


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    OMG - We will be in paradise tomorrow. We have been looking for this holiday for a long time. Jan, Jake and I are leaving early for your house, should be there around 12:45. Seven nights in Couples with my 2 best girl friends – It’s like a dream.


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    Default Bags are packed!!

    Can't wait for our first trip to CTI!! 8 days and counting...

    Jess and Mark

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    My husband and I will be at CTI the 18th to 24th! We are so looking forward to finally taking our honeymoon. We were married August 8th. Hope to see some of you!

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    Hey mark and jess we are going to be there those same days where are you from? We will have to meet and close down the bar!! Hahaha Almost there guys cant wait!!!!!
    Jeremy and Andrea

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    12 HOURS until our flight leaves!!! ...... I REALLY need to START PACKING!! YIKES!! Can't wait for CTI!!! YAY woooo hoooo

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    Default Too excited for words!!!

    Andrea and Jeremy -- You guys seem pretty WILD! Good thing we are too! First round of drinks (aka BOB MARLEY shots) are on us!

    CAN'T WAIT!!!

    Jess and Mark

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    We are so excited also. We have been having trouble sleeping at night. I had to call into work the other day cause I didnt fall asleep until 5:30 AM. 6 days to go!!!
    Andrea and Jeremy

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    Default HaHa!

    Yeah, I am getting a little TOO excited! I vow to spend 2 hrs or less looking at the message board tonight... 5 more days!

    Jess and Mark

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    Default Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    I would like to wish all the wonderful couples that we met earlier this month at CTI a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with health and happiness!
    Pat & Mike
    Townshend, VT

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