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    I'm so very sad right now! Me and the hubby were supposed to be celebrating our 1st Anniversary at CSA in May, but it turns out that we now may not be able to afford it!! Why is it that all your hard earned money has to always go towards bills and never play...this really bites!! Oh well, I'm not going to give up just yet...where theres a will theres a way and I'm hoping to find it! So wish me luck everyone!!! This is me crossing my fingers....xxxxxxxxx

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    Keep saving and if you don't get there this year there's always next year. It will be something to look forward to.

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    A couple of years ago, we postponed a trip to CSA literally two days before we were set to leave because we really couldn't afford to either take the time off work or spend the $$. It ended up being a really good decision, and we've been back many times since then..... It will all come around. Don't make a foolish financial decision for one week in paradise. Paradise will wait, I promise.
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    There is something called secret rendezvous which will save you a good amount of money. Basicly you tell them when you want to go and then they assign you to a place. The destination is a secret until 1 week prior to your honeymoon. We ended up at Couples Negril and loved it. It saved a good amount of money. Just a thought. Also, I am a pure romance consultant and I joined to help make money to pay for our wedding. I am still doing it because I love it and make good money on top of my nursing career. I made $800 last weekend working 6 hours having 2 parties. AMAZING money opportunites if you're looking to make some. Email me at for more info. Hope everything turns out!!!

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    Thanks everyone for your optimism...if I don't make it there this year...I will definitely be making it my goal to go next year!!!

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    In this economy I think it is better to err on the side of financial caution. Rather than beat yourself up over not being able to go to a Couples resort for your 1 year anniversary, why not plan a great Jamaican style dinner for the 2 of you? You could turn up the heat (literally and figuratively), enjoy your favorite tropical beverage and have a romantic feast in the privacy of your own home.

    In reading this message board, it may seem like there are just tons of people spending money willy nilly on their vacations. From our perspective, that isn't the case. We are comfortable, but we SAVE a LOT and see our vacations as frosting on the cake. Just because cake doesn't have a lot of frosting some years, doesn't mean it isn't still a delicious cake!

    Please enjoy what you have in the present and look forward to saving and planning for your next vacation (be it Couples or elsewhere) down the road apiece.

    Happy Anniversary!!

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    I thought advertising a business was not allowed on this message board? Yes, he say that you should try Secret Ron, but then goes on to tell you how much money you can make by hosting parties.
    I would guess they have never been to a Couples resort!

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    We have also had unforseen things come up and can not take out trip in May. I am sad but hopeful we can make it in Sept. instead. Keep the faith. Its worth waiting for. Its amazing and will be the best trip you ever took.

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    I'm a she first off (foxGURL) and yes, I have been to a couples resort which it says in my post if you read it before criticizing. Secondly, I'm not advertising my business so sorry if that is how I came off. I was simply stating that while we were trying to figure out how to make money to plan our wedding and trying not to spend a ton on our honeymoon these are the actions we took. Simply stated that this is an option she can look into if she wants to make extra money so she can afford the honeymoon she wants. I've had 5 people email me today in regards to the secrets rendezvous package because they are wanting to save money as well. I have a full time career and I do parties on the side to do extra things such as vacations or remodeling my house. There is nothing wrong with sharing an opportunity with someone. If there was, they would not have approved my post, which they did. Message boards are supposed to be a friendly environment for people to share and discuss things, not for criticizing. Once again, I apologise if my post came off wrong, but lets keep the message boards friendly.

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    Hey foxgurl....
    I thought your post was very helpful and kind.
    Just sayin'............

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    Except for this past trip, we always leave not knowing when or if we will be able to return but fortunately, it works out. We give up some things to be able to do this, but in the long run it's worth it to us. We live in a house that we can manage on one income, we don't do big Christmas or Birthday gifts for us or for the kids. We don't go without, but we don't have the newest of stuff. We get things when we need them. For example, we don't have flatscreen tv's. But going to Jamaica is more important to us after 20 years of marriage than keeping up with the neighbors.

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