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    I get pretty upset when I notice people checking out my wife when she has her clothes ON. Has anyone experienced this while at the AN beach? Other vacationers, staff, etc checking out the female patrons? As an AN virgin, I don't know what to expect, but needless to say, it makes me nervous. Thanks!

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    Ted, we haven't experienced any negative actions while at CTI. Everyone on the Island was just great! Maybe at some other resorts this may happen. Everyone is there as singles roaming around.
    No stalkers,walkers or gawkers.
    Not to worry..relax and enjoy yourselves. :-)

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    There is nothing to worry about at the AN site. We found that the atmosphere is so much more relaxed. People are much more engaging when we are all naked. There is absolutly no "sexual tension". It is the most empowering and introspective experiences you and your partner can have. You will find out things about yourselves that you never imagined. Just relax and enjoy.


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    if you learn to be proud of your wife instead of being jealous you will have no problems anywhere, i have just come off SSB with my partner and the atmosphere is so relaxed and casual you will not believe. we played pool volleyball, 8 people per side, equal number girls and boys, everybody gets to see everybody, the point is nobody cares how anyone looks we're just here to enjoy this fabulous place with like minded people

    be proud of your wife and enjoy your vacation

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    I can only speak for what I experienced at SSB, but couples there did not 'check out' anyone. It was as if we weren't nekkid at all. Good times, good friends, good food & drinks. No worries. Once you go, you know.

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    Honestly, you tend to have really good eye contact with people.That being said,most people wear sunglasses all the time so you don't know what they are looking at. People look at other people, it's human nature. The great thing about Couples is that everyone is there as part of a couple. If you are going to CN you and you are at the AN beach, just know that it has a public walk way at the water's edge and a block of rooms at the rear. You need to check any jealousy or you will be miserable.

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    If you really get "pretty upset" when guys check out your wife, then you probably should stay away from the a/n beach. Imagine yourself on the beach, and a completely nude woman walks by on her way to the mini bar (might as well be Couples Negril), two feet from your chair. What do you do? Do you look away? Guys are visually oriented, of course they look. I'm thrilled that I have a wife men like to look at.

    People at Couples are mostly not pervs or lifestylers, but people do look at each other. Especially first timers, because there's a certain amazement at the, uh, anatomical differences, not to mention curiousity about tattoos or piercings. It's only natural.

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    What I will say about this subject is, the same diverse group of people are on the AN beaches as there is anywhere else you may happen to be. That includes guys checking out your significant other. But, if you are a red blooded male, you would probably be checking out mine.

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