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    1. Who is this?

    2. What is he doing?
    Making sure that everyone on the message boards is keeping in line!

    3. What resort is he at?
    CSS - the best one.

    4. Specifically, where is he at this resort?
    Veranda at the Hibiscus cottage... and I'm jealous.
    "The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand - with no bottom!" - Kenny Chesney

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    1. Randy Russell, chief romance officer

    2. logging onto the internet

    3. Couples Sans Souci resort

    4. sitting on the balcony, on the veranda, at the hibiscus cottage

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    It's Randymon! And he's posting an awesome photo of himself from the hibiscus cottage verandah at CSS so be can award someone (hint,!) a free night o their next stay!

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    1 Randymon
    2 Sorting out my romance rewards
    3 CSS
    4 hibiscus cottage patio

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    1. Randymon
    2. checking forecasts for this coming hurricane season to ensure the safety of coming guests
    3. CSS (Couples Sans Souci)
    4. Outside of the spa's Hibiscus cottage

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    1) Randymon
    2) Creating this contest that we are playing right now
    3) CSS
    4) Hibiscus Cottage

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    1-Randy Russell
    2-Selecting the winner of the snow picture.
    3-San Souci
    4-Edge of Hibiscus Cottage

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    1. This is the elder son of Tony Soprano, Randy.
    2. Since he is in witness protection, he has taken up a new profession. He is pictured here, writing love letters for the less-creative. Randy is drawing his inspiration by people watching.
    3 & 4. He is actually at CSA! in their new CSS/CTI green room. This is the new technology used to give couples the "trading places" experience to those other resorts, without taking the 4hr van ride to the other side of the island. Still in beta testing.

    Hey, fun right? =)

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    Default Answers to the Questions

    1. Randymon (Randy Russell)
    2. Reading Messages from the Message Board (looking for questions to him)
    3. Couples Sans Souci
    4. Sitting on the wall of the Hibiscus Cottage Patio

    (P.S. We had the pleasure of staying at the cottage right after Randymon left. It was amazing.)

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    1. Randymon
    2. Reading a love letter to someones significant other
    3. CSS
    4. Patio of the Hibiscus Cottage.

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    1. Randymon, the bestest (and probably only) Chief Romance Officer on the planet.
    2. He is emailing his significant other to say "why the heck did you pack me JEANS? No one wears jeans in Jamaica!"
    3. Couples Sans Souci
    4. He is sitting over by the entrance to the Heliconia Suites.


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    Default Contest

    This is Randymon

    He is doing several things: 1) Posing for the picture while showing off his new line of Couples casual wear. 2) Showing everyone that while flexing a finger his rippling muscles protrude up his arm and into his bi's and tri's. 3) Pressing a button on his computer that doesn't really exist. 4) Actually, just seeing Elvis walking to the beach with a handfull of bon bons and his Couples drinking cup.

    Randymon is at CSS

    Randymon is on the veranda of the Hibiscus Cottage.


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    Congratulations to MACoupleholic. You were the first one to accurately answer all four questions. I will contact you offline.

    Admittedly, question #2 was rather subjective. Working, checking emails, updating the message board ALL would have been accepted as well.

    Sorry to be so technical, but others posted San Souci and Sans Souci. The legal name of the resort is Couples Sans Souci.

    February 16th, 2011, 08:56 AM

    Join Date: Aug 2010
    Posts: 20
    Hoping I'm first!
    1. That is Randymon, looking quite dapper while...

    2. He's enjoying the free WiFi at..

    3. Couples Sans Souci, and looks to be sitting...

    4. On the balcony at the Hibiscus cottage, because he's just classy enough to stay in ultimate luxury!

    My first time staying in the Hibiscus Cottage. I just lucked out and WOW....

    Thanks Nyce, Marnies and Smileyguy for making me laugh.

    Couples Resorts

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