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    Default Honeymooning at CSS

    So my future husband and I finally decided to go to CSS for our honeymoon. After staring at countless pictures and reading countless posts about all the resorts we feel like this one would be best suited for us (private, quiet, gorgeous grounds, etc). When I look through the message board most people are talking about CSA or CN and there isn't a lot of information about CSS. So basically I am just asking for any and all information from people who have stayed at CSS. Which room is the best? Are there any activities that we shouldn't miss out on? Which restaurants are the best? How is the room service? Do you have any pictures? Anything else we should know?

    Anything would be great. I am really excited and would like to read about it and have something to look forward to.

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    Eat dinner at Bella Vista. Tell them I sent you and your meal and drinks are on the house.
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    You're right that you won't find quite as much information about CSS, but don't let that discourage you. For one thing, it's the smallest property in terms of numbers of rooms, and it's also the newest to be added to the Couples family. (I could go on about the history, but the Cliff's Notes version is that it was residential, then a fancy-schmancy hotel/spa, changed ownership, went downhill a bit and is now restored to it's original glory but with the Couples twist (meaning it's all-inclusive and a little less "formal."))

    As far as rooms go, it's all about personal preference. Many like the beachfront because of the proximity of the bulk of the activities. Others, however, prefer the relative seclusion of the "upper" blocks for their views and privacy. There's also a bit of a "happy medium" with a few blocks sort of in the middle. All are lovely rooms, but if you stay at the top of the resort, be prepared to take more steps (or winding pathways or call for a shuttle) in order to get to the main bar, main beach, main pool, etc.

    Casanova is the most formal of the restaurants, and it's very lovely. It's got a bit of an Italian flare. It has indoor and outdoor seating options. Pallazina is where the breakfast and lunch buffets are served, and at night it used to be a French restaurant. It has indoor and covered (but open) dining options. There's a bit of confusion about what exactly has changed about what the nighttime offerings are and/or will be in the future (there's a thread floating around somewhere about it). The bella Vista is the Jamaican/local restaurant that the main beach grill turns into at night. It has covered and non-covered outdoor dining options.

    Room service is a great feature, but I have found that the food isn't necessarily as consistant as in the restaurants. This, however, could have just been unique to our experience. We used it most often for snack-type meals or sandwiches, although we have also had very good main courses.

    The food is served in smaller portions than in the U.S., partly I imagine to prevent undo waste and also because it's meant to be eaten in courses (as is common in Europe). I mention this because if you get room service, you will likely want to order extra.

    I would definitely recommend the Dunn's River tour, but beware of the vendors. Ask at the desk about what days there are no cruise ships in port, and try to sneak out the entrance rather than being herded through the "craft village" at the end.

    All of the included excursions are fun and interesting in their own way. If there's anything you're particularly interested in trying, sign up early in your vacation. It can be rather more windy on the north side of the island, and this can affect visibility for things like snorkeling, as well as the advisability (or availability) of things like waterskiing.

    Just exploring the grounds is fun and interesting, and don't forget to see Charlie the turtle or Crackers, the friendly (if slightly misogynistic) parrot. Relax, eat, drink, be merry, use the spa and have an otherwise wonderful time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy0415 View Post
    Which room is the best? It depends on your definition of "best". For us, we think being close to the beach is the best, so if we go back, we'd stay in a One Bedroom Beachfront. Other people think the best means a great view, so they prefer to be in Building G at the top, in a One Bedroom Ocean.

    Are there any activities that we shouldn't miss out on? Do what you want, when you feel like it. check out all of the activities and try them all. Snorkeling, Dunn's River. Plus all of the daily games and fun stuff. Watch them feed Charlie, the resort turtle.

    Which restaurants are the best? You'll be able to eat at them all, so you can decide! There are only 3 plus the beach grill. We liked Casanova.

    How is the room service? FANTASTIC!!! This is one of the best things about CSS that the other Couples do not have. Definitely stay in one night and have dinner on your balcony. We even ordered appetizers every night while we were getting ready for dinner. The service is always quick, the food is hot and it's served with a smile!

    Do you have any pictures?I'd be happy to share our CSS pictures, as well as the map of the resort, if that would help.

    Anything else we should know? It's easy to overpack. You only need ONE outfit for dinner each night because you are literally in your bathing suit from breakfast until dinner.
    Hope this helps!
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    we stayed in a block and loved it beach out the balcony lake out the front that had a resident pelican. i would suggest the zip line tour and the nine mile tour both are very good if you like to snorkel bring your own gear lots of opportunities right off of the beach, may want to bring water shoes as there are some rocks and coral

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    I think you've chosen the perfect resort for exactly what you're looking for for your honeymoon.
    The grounds are so beautiful, the staff is fantastic, the rooms are great, the food is delish and the room service is the BEST!
    We always stay in a beachfront but have always wondered if we wouldnt love a room up on the hill with a magnificent view.
    If you have never done it, Dunns River Falls is a must.
    What ever you decide, you should love it.
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    Congrats on choosing CSS! We have been to CSA three times, and just went to CSS for the first time in July. Although they are very different resorts, we love them both.

    My biggest tip for you is about your room selection. We were upgraded to a penthouse suite in E block. Before we went on our trip, I absolutely obsessed about our room selection, and it seemed like everyone suggested either A or B block beachfront suites, or G block. So you're left with either having a huge room & balcony and a wonderful view (but a crazy walk from the beach), or being close to the beach (but not the best view or room). Hardly anyone on here mentioned that there are other choices in between, including E block. E block is AMAZING! Our view was incredible, and it is essentially in the middle of the resort -- just steps from the Balloon Bar and Cassanova, and not a bad walk to the beach, Bella Vista, etc. We would not have stayed anywhere else. We got lucky with the upgrade, but from now on we will just book the penthouse from the start to help make sure we get this room.

    As for activities, I totally recommend the champagne cruise. I think it was $70 for a private boat ride, captained by one of the watersports guys. It lasts one hour, they bring a bottle of champagne, and we got to see everything up and down the coast. So worth it.

    You also have to see them feed Charlie the turtle, and spend late afternoons in the mineral grotto. Perfect place to cool off.

    Now I'm homesick! Have fun!

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    We are going to CSS in February for our five year anniversary. Does anyone have any pictures they could share of the Penthouse suites? my email is - thanks in advance

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    Default rooms

    eac124 .. I was going to look at your pics, and for some reason, the link doesn't work.

    We just booked for March and are really excited. We booked a onebedroom oceanfront suite (I think that's the wording). We keep wondering if we should have picked (should switch to) a beachfront suite. I don't think I could do all the stairs to the G block, although the views sound beautiful. If you request D and E block, are the rooms and views still nice? Any feedback from those who have stayed in onebedroom ocean suite in those blocks at all?

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You will be thrilled with CSS.

    We have done 2 trips to CN and trip 2 to CSS will be next April. CSS exudes romance, exploring the grounds is an adventure!

    I'm struggling right now on which room category to choose next trip for the reasons already stated above. We had bldg G last trip a 1 bdrm/ocean w/balcony, we loved that room. The stairs and believe me there were alot of them, you did not want to forget something in your room, were not a huge deal to us, but I was thinking Beachfront this trip for the location. My husband wants the big balcony..... So who knows I am still not sure what we are doing and we are booking tomorrow. They both obviously are awesome rooms!

    The restaurants are incredible. There is a Beach Party one night and the Friday night Gala, so you will get to try them all, we missed Bella Vista last trip because we did Casanova twice and had the Repeater's dinner, so you know which one we are heading for first next trip.

    The room service is really good, we did the Filet Mignon one night with the Cheesecake, and a bottle of wine, out on the huge balcony. It really does not get much better than that.

    Order a pot of coffee and continental breakfast each morning, there are cards on the back of your door that you need to fill out and put outside your door for breakfast, otherwise you call in room service for all other meals.

    You asked for pictures..............
    A typical breakfast tray from Room Service,
    The Beach
    Beautiful Lobby
    The Beach Bar
    A typical dessert
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    A few more pictures to get you excited. One bdrm w/balcony the balcony, the mineral pool, a stairway, Casanova
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    The easy part was choosing Couples, the hard part was which resort?? Finally after a month of going over every detail we chose CSS. I know how you feel, there isn't much out there about CSS BUT I promise you, it is a beautiful, magical place to call home. Which room is the best? We stayed in G Block our first time and it was wonderful. There are a lot of stairs so once you are down on the beach/pool you tend to stay there all day and only head to your room to change for dinner. We loved the view and the room but are going to try a beachfront this time for the location. Are there any activities that we shouldn't miss out on? Dunns River, sailboat (Hobie Cat), and definitely do the beach party and Friday night gala. Which restaurants are the best? We kept coming back to the one on the beach. How is the room service? Excellent! Although I didn't see the menu they hang on the door for you to fill out at night for breakfast until the last day. Make sure you look for it if you want some early morning coffee and treats. Do you have any pictures? Anything else we should know? We tried the AN side the second day and loved it! You don't have to try it but if you think you might want to, do it the first couple of days don't wait till the end.....relax and have a wonderful time....CSS is such a magical place you will have the most amazing time.

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    You're going to love CSS!!! We were married there in 2008 and went back for our anniversary in 2009. As a matter of fact we're going back again in April 2010!! Anyhow, here's a link to some pics:

    Relax and enjoy your time at CSS,

    Bart & Bug

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