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    well here one for any one we are coming back to couples but are really looking to go to css this time or back to cn any pros and cons,cn seemed to be to small and only a few bars and really no night life at all but we are not looking to party all night just have a good time

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    Any thought to CSA? Its amazing!

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    LOVE CSS! If you want romantic, that's CSS.

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    Try CSA. It has an awesome beach, nightlife right there on the resort and the most food and bar choices of all the Couples resorts. Good luck deciding.

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    We had been to CN first and then I booked our wedding at CSS to the chagrin of my husband. He loved CN BUT a day and a half into our CSS stay he looked at me and said "Thank You! This place is amazing!" He fell in love with it too. It really is the most romantic place on earth as far as we're concerned. We're going back to CSS in April for our first anniversary but plan on doing CN again next year. As far as nightlife goes, it really has seemed to depend on the group staying at the property at any given time. I've seen the bars rockin' and rollin' till late and I've experienced it as very quiet. Quite honestly CSS is so romantic we do nothing but make our own nightlife!

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    CSS has more property, but has fewer bars and restaurants than CN, so you might want to reconsider and go to CSA. They have the most bars and restaurants and I think there is a little more nightlife there.
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    We love CN very much..I never thought I would ever try another resort except CN but long story short,we tried CSS and it won our hearts also..CSS is indeed the most beautiful and romantic resort of Couples..We have since tried CTI and now we have all three next to each other in our hearts.

    I recommend you trying CSS...Couples Sans Souci.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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