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    Default Short CN review and comparison to CSS/CTI

    Hello all,

    We just returned from a short trip to CN. It was our first trip to CN and we really enjoyed it! Here are some notes:

    -Bus ride took 1hr 50 minutes including one stop (he didn't offer the stop...just stopped. We would have preferred to go straight to the resort.

    -Rooms: We booked a Deluxe Ocean Room and were first put in building 5...which had almost know "ocean view" what so ever (you had to lean your head out of the balcony and look sharply to the right). We asked if there was anything with a slightly better view and they moved us to building 2. Building 2 had a much better view but the ocean still seemed so far away. I asked which building had the best view and they said we would have to upgrade to a deluxe beach front room for $43/night more but it wouldn't be available our first night so to stop back the next day. We stopped back the next day and they said room 6102 was open and that had the best beach view next to a suite. Knowing everything is negotiable in Jamaica I asked if there was anyway they could do better than $43 a night more since it was our third trip to Couples. He went in the back to ask for his manager and came back saying all their Deluxe Beach Front Rooms were booked. I asked why they weren't booked the day before or 5 minutes ago and he just repeated themselves saying they were booked. I then offered to pay full price and they said sorry, none are available. I wasn't happy with that...

    -Beach....absolutely amazing!

    -Staff....for the most part they were great too...except for the front desk staff that I wasn't happy with.

    -drinks...they were great as well. I found out that I really like BCC's!

    -Food....a little disappointed. It seemed like everything was cold except what came from the beach bar and grill place. Being vegetarians we felt there wasn't as many options as CSS.

    -Weather...It rained for about an hour the first day we were there then we had sunshine for the rest of the trip. The temp was about 75-87 the entire time.

    Now for the comparisons....

    We are huge beach people and CN has by far the nicer beach than CSS and CTI. We would rank them in this order: CN, CSS, CTI.

    Food: CSS had the best food and the most options in our opinion. CSS, CTI, CN. CTI and CN were very close to each other but not to CSS.

    Excursions: We felt the Ochi side of the island had better excursions but they basically have the same thing and are all great!

    Rooms: We liked the CSS rooms the best, then CN, then CTI.

    Overall our new favorite Couples (not including CSA because we haven't been there yet) is Couples Negril followed by CSS then CTI. With CN and CSS being so great I doubt we will ever go back to CTI. We can't wait to try CSA next year!

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    I think after you try CSA that one will be your favorite. There is a veggie bar at CSA and the beach is awesome. The food was spectacular too. Plus it has the most food and bar choices of all the Couples resorts. Let us know what you think of CSA after you visit. Thanks for the input on CN.

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    Be aware CSA just may win your heart! LOL :O)

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    Thanks for the great review and the resort comparisons. Can you provide any comparison of the AN areas at the the three resorts?

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    We always sort of expected CSA to be our #1..that's why we saved it for last! We can't wait!!

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    We never took advantage of the AN areas so I am not the best person to ask...but from what I understand the best known Couples for AN is CTI because of the island. I'm not sure but CSS may be ranked next because of the amazing sunsets over the AN beach. Don't take my advice though....I'm sure others can chime in....


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