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    Default CSS Keys, Water, Beach by SSB


    We're counting down by the minute to our trip next week to CSS. We've been so impressed by all the talk on this forum. A few quick questions.

    What kinds of room keys are used? Magnetic card, traditional key? If it is a regular sort of key, a wrist strap might be a good idea, or do they already come on one? We're expecting to be traveling very very light some of the time.

    Are there bottles of water available in the room or bar to take on the beach or on excursions?

    What's the story with the beach on the other side of the mini-river from SSB? Is it possible to wade/swim the river and then walk on that beach?

    How about snorkeling down the beach to that little reef island that is at left of SSB in the google maps satellite image?

    Yup, we're not getting one darn thing done, just salivating at the thought of Jamaica next week. Hope to see you there.

    R & S

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    Magnetic key, if I recall correctly.

    Yes, there are bottled waters in the mini-fridge in your room, but the tap water tastes good, so at the bar and on the beach, you might opt for tap ice water (for the planet).

    Not sure about the beach on the other side of the river, or if it's public or private or what... I recall maybe hearing of some people who explored the river and beyond - the water is cold, though, so beware.

    All I know about the little reef island is that you can't go on it and that it's awesome because it created the peninsulas for the main beach and SSB and the privacy for SSB. And that it's nice to look at from block D.

    Sorry, I probably wasn't too helpful. Anyway, have fun! You'll love it! We won't see you there, but we'll be there April 2-9!

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    We crossed the mouth of the river easily and strolled down the beach on the other side, not too cold as it is shallow!
    There is a great older gent named Everil (sp) who hooked us up with a river raft tour, great price $35per raft. There is a stop at the end to jump of a platform into a pool, a small gift stand and a guy taking pics, they print them off right there ($5) and I think you can grab a beer so take a bit of $$ it was a great relaxing diversion!!

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    I crossed that river, it was a little chilly and it had a current that was fun to play in. One thing to keep in mind is that it is on the AN side so if you want to do it in clothes you have to do it in the evening time! I believe the keys were magnetic. One thing for sure is that CSS is beautiful and you will have a great time exploring the grounds! Oh and there is plenty of bottled water!

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