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    WE went to CTI (COR) in 2005 and the tower island bar tender was named Damion. He was no longer with the resort in 2007 when we returned. I see alot of people talking about Damion on the message board. Is this the same Damion that was there in 2005? If so I will do a huge happy dance. He will always be my favorite "blind" bartender. Much respect goes to Damion.

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    Damion took over from Shawn years ago and he is still there. I don't think there are two. He is not always over on the Island but still takes a turn a couple of times a week.

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    Damion was there in January 2000 when we last visited. I have to agree, much respect to Damion. He's a great guy. Of all the island bartenders I have known, I think I have the most fun joking around with Damion.

    I've often wondered if the island bartending job is a sought after or avoided. Lets face it, its a job that places you in an unusual situation.

    To be able to relax and have fun with the guests, while at the same time serving everyone's drinks, and being able to deal with the occasional problem or challenging guest (thankfully, challenging guests are very rare on the island) is not easy to do. Dameon, like Sean before him (and Ozzie before him) is a master at what it takes to keep the island fun, enjoyable and safe. I hope he is still at CTI next year when we return.
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    Its funny - Damion told me his worst day of work was when a woman who refused to get nekkid finally conceded and threw her panties at him in a fit. Great- his worst day and he gets treated like a rock star! He chuckled at that.

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    I know years probally 9 years ago there was another Damion on the island that worked with Nandy... he was a very good magician.. the current Damion AKA Freaky D took over for Sean. Every person out there working has alwayus done a great job... we also think Kimoni is a great guy as well....

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