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    Can somebody who has flown Airtran Airways give me a little insight as to how the E Ticket check in policy works with this airline? Can you use the online check in? Also how does the seat assignment work? I read where you can reserve your seats early for a fee or select them at the airport....what's the best way to do this? Thanks for you help!!

    We're headed to CSS exactly two weeks from today and we are extremely anxious to leave this cold weather behind and get to the beautiful beaches of Jamaica!!!

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    We will be flying AirTran on a direct flight from BWI to MBJ. Since this is an international flight it is clearly stated that you cannot check in on-line but must do so at the airport.

    I am also curious about the seat assignments as I would hate to be separated from my wife during the flight. I have not seen any option to pre-select seats for our flight.

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    We just flew Air Tran from BWI-MBJ and had a terrific experience. We chose to pay a little extra for the "priority boarding" option. We got to board in the first group, which allowed us easier access to the overhead bins. But, more importantly, it got us reserved exit row seating which had a ton of leg room. It was really worth it to us. At check-in, they also offered us an upgrade to business class for a moderate fee. It wasn't a bad deal because you don't pay for checked bags, and get credited back to you the fee you paid for a reserved seat if you paid it. We would have done it, except that, by the time the ticket agent started working on it, the seats were given to someone else. In the end, we were very happy with our seats, though. You cannot check in online for international flights because you must show your passport to the ticket agent.

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    We flew AirTran last May nonstop BWI to MBJ. Not being able to check in online sucked, but my husband and I sat together there and back. HOWEVER, I believe we were able to choose our seats last year WITHOUT THE FEE when we purchased the tickets because when I booked a couple months ago, I really did not remember having to PAY to choose seats ahead of time! These fees are getting more and more outrageous! I miss Air Jamaica! So I too am hoping it won't be like flying Southwest, where my hubby and I always get split up because we refuse to pay extra. Just try not to worry and get to the airport 1.5 hours early, and hopefully you'll be able to snag seats together. Fingers crossed for all of us.

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    We are flying AirTran in July out of ATL. My travel agent told me that there is not guarantee that you will get to sit together unless you pay to select your seats ahead of time. She gave me our flight confirmation number and that is all you need to preselect your seating on the AirTran website. The prices range from $6-$20 per seat one way. I have never flown AirTran but I already reserved our seats and many other seats were already reserved as well.

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    If you go to Airtran's website and pull up your itinerary there is an option listed in the top right corner that says "change seats"...from there you can select your seats, for a fee. It seems crazy to me that they would make you pay a fee to get a seat. We've already paid for our flight, now if I want to ensure a seat with my husband I'm going to have to pay a fee for that, and then add on the checked baggage fees...not impressed!!! Guess I've been spoiled by flying Southwest for so long! :-)

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    I booked online the direct flight out of BWI and it gave me the option to select our seats as part of the normal booking process.

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    We flew AirTran last Sept and it was great. There ended up being only 20 people on the entire flight so everyone moved around and had tons of room to spread out. We were worried also about being separated but we arrived early so we could increase our chances of seats together. The best part was we ended up arriving in Jamaica almost 40 minutes early when no there planes were arriving so we breezed thru customs. The Couples lounge staff were scrambling due to our early arrival but there was only one other couple besides us. We had time for 2 red stripes and they had our van ready. The flight back was horrible. The plane left 2 hours late which made us miss a connection. I would fly AirTran again.

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    Look at the air tran web site for information.
    you can select your seat, certain seats have cost associated with them.

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    You cannot check in online because you are flying international. However, you should be able to access your reservation to to pre-select your seats, if you paid the extra charge. Other wise you will have to wait until you arrive at the airport. Chances are that you will not be seperated from your wife if you made the reservations together and at the same time. If you are wait listed or standby, that would be a different story.

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    We flew Airtran last November. As 2-4-Jamaica stated, you cannot do an online check in and print out e-tickets because it is an international flight. In regards to seating, we called them about some matter, and during that phone call we also ended up reserving seats for a nominal fee on both our flights to and from Jamaica. I do not recall if this could be done online.

    I would highly suggest reserving the seats to help ensure that you will be seated together as well as make it less likely that you will be bumped from overbooking.

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    We just flew air tran from BWI-MBJ and you can't e-check in on their International flights...even if you aren't checking bags.

    You have to pay for the "good" seats...for example exit rows are $20 as well as the bulk head seating rows ($20).

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    My wife and I will be taking AirTran from BWI to MBJ as well in a few months. If you want to select your seats in advance you do need to pay. Some of them are $15 but some are $6 to reserve. If there are certain areas of the plane you really really want you should probably go ahead and select your seats. If you are not picky about where you sit, don't worry about it a bit. I am a LOT happier if I have an aisle seat so it is worth it to me to pay a little more to get a seat I want and so I already have selected our seats for late June ... mainly so I won't forget later.
    Even if you don't pay extra in advance it is my understanding that if you check in online up to 24 hours before your flight you can then select your seats at that point for free (unless they are 'premium' seats in some way) and print your baording passes. This means you don't have to actually do it at the airport even if you wait and do it for free, but selection may be limited by then.
    All the best!

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    Please post with any hints on how AIRTRAN works, we are using the in July.
    Irie Mon

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    We were in separate seats but the lady at the counter moved me to a desirable isle seat in an exit row so I could use that to talk someone else into trading with me. I ended up being on the other side of the isle from him so that wasn't too bad.

    We were not allowed to check in online, it just wasn't an option. We checked in when we got there.

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    We're also flying BWI to MBJ on Airtran, although probably not on the same date :-) You can go to their site and reserve your seats for a fee. We paid $6 per seat each way. There are more expensive seats closer to the front of the plane. Here's the link:

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    Hello, we are flying Airtran from Pittsburgh to Orlando to jamaica. When we booked our flights it gave me an option to book our seats in advance for 15 bucks. Which I did because I wanted to be close to front to change planes and also be with my soon to be husband. I would call them cause you can book your seats.

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    We haven't flown AIRTran, yet. We fly them this summer to MoBay. However, I flew another airline to Florida with my son. We didn't select our seats as it was quite a bit more to do this and I figured, he was 14, he wouldn't acknowledge my existence anyway, so he could sit by himself. Well, we go to the airport and were 2nd in line. So we did sit together. My thought is if you get there early and there are seats that are together, they aren't going to separate you for the sake of separating you. Most times with airlines, you can watch the seats available. If it looks like they are filling up and you want to sit together, then select, but if it doesn't look full and you don't mind taking your chances, then go for it.

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    You can check in online for your return flight even if you still need to get your boarding pass at the airport. I have printing boarding passes for international flights before. Unless something has changed of late I think you can do it on at least some flights in and out of the US. Last month I printed mine to Nassau at home and printed the return ones at the resort. I hope this still works to and from Jamaica but I will certainly try anyway!

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    just FYI, the conf # that is on your edmail from Couples (if you book) through Couples) is different from the one you get from Air Tran
    If you call the 1-800 number you will get a new number and you can do your seat assignments over the phone or use the new number online.
    The cost was $42.00 total for all 4 flights. (KC to Atl then to MBJ)
    You can wait and get seat assignements when you check in, but you may not get them together. Our flight for May is almost full.
    Hope this is helpful.

    Hope this is helpful.

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