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    Default Feeding the Piggy

    I just emptied the change out of the car and my purse and took pop cans back and put about $15 into the next trip to Couples piggy my 11 year old got me at Christmas. She likes when we go because Grandma and Grandpa spoil her and her siblings.

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    What a neat and thoughtful gift that your 11 year old gave you --a Couples piggy. Would also suggest she gave you something that she could tell was something very special -- your trips to Couples. Sounds like you need to fatten the piggy up... making you, your 11 year old and piggy happy.

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    After our last trip I started a credit union savings account at work with direct deposit. I started saving immediately but knew we would be buying a house soon so itd probably be best to wait a year to go. So I booked the trip for May 2011 back in late 2009!! We saved much faster than expected and now we can't wait! It's a great idea though and I plan to do this in the future to make it back at least every 2 years. Our birthdays and anniversary is all within a few weeks apart so it's the best gift we could ever give each other. We are still young so I hope when we hit the 25 year mark we will be at the highest level of romance rewards.

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    How sweet You know you should get her a piggy as well and tell her it is just for vacations for when she is older. She will thank you later for it My grandmother opened me a savings account when I was 10 and taught me how to save. She is no longer with me, but I always think how special it was that she gave me that knowledge at such an early age. You and your grandaugther can talk about how much you have been feeding your pigs

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    She has already said that her Honeymoon will be to couples because she knows how much her parents love it. She has a bank account she puts birthday and christmas money in. She also has a piggy bank of her own that she uses at christmas to buy presents for her brother and sister. Her piggy bank also supports her gum habit during softball.

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