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    Default CTI Repeaters Dinner?

    Can't wait to return to CTI in 126 days!
    Repeaters Dinner is at Eight Rivers on Mondays? What is the menu?

    You see, we are cold up here in WA and visit the Couples website and drool over the menus thinking of what we might order! =)

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    Yes, it's usually on a monday at eight rivers, however, we were there one year when it was held outside....the menu is always different and is special for that evening...and never disappointing...

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    Always on Monday's in 8 Rivers. We have been to COR / CTI 15 times.
    Menu changes, but usually a surf and turf theme. Always great food at 8 Rivers. It is a special menu, not the normal one.
    You start with cocktails in the Piano bar, then move into the restaurant.
    A member of the management staff sits at each table. A great opportunity to meet the team that works very hard to make your stay fantastic.
    If you are fairly new at CTI, usually have time to go out and see the entertainment going on from the beach party right after.
    Mi love fi binaked inna Jamaica
    (Patois for: I Love To Be Naked in Jamaica / At the island or SSB Mon!)

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    Default repeaters

    No, we are not so new to Couples. We went to COR in 2005 and split trip to CN/CSA in 2007. Attended the Repeaters Dinner at CN at Otaheite. Just wanted some menus you might have had and photos too, if you have some!

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    Repeater dinner in January was Surf and Turf. Excellent meal, and we had a great time. It was at Eight Rivers. The restaurant was completely full during our trip - Lots of repeaters !

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    So....CTI repeater dinner in May, yay or nay? (Sorry about the rhyming.) My husband and I will be first time repeaters later this month, and I'm seeing lots of different opinions about the repeater dinner. We loved the beach party on our first trip and are having trouble deciding!

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