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    Default Countdown Clock? Pro's and Con's

    I know most people know to the minute when their vacation will start. I read it in posts all the time. My question is, do you think a countdown clock is good or evil. For me it is good to glance at the top righthand corner of my screen and see 1Month 5 Days 3 Hours 36 Minutes and 31.30.29 seconds. At the same time it is evil because it reminds me that I have 1 Month 5 get the picture. So what is everyone's opinion on the Countdown clocks? Like em, Don't like em, makes the vacation seem longer away or hell you are just grateful you have a countdown clock. What does everyone think?

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    I love my count down clock. When two of my four kids are fighting and aother one is nagging for dinner, husband is late getting home, dogs are barking, phone is ringing, sink full of dishes, lundary waiting to be folded and put away; all I have to do is look at my count down clock and I know when I will be getting a romactic vacation with DH. Now my friends and family are not so happy with the count down clock. 108 days 5 hours 14 minutes and 15 seconds.

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    I have one on my Mac desktop. Mostly so I can keep track of when things need to be done prior to leaving. Turning in vacation forms at work, getting supplies for the trip, taking inventory of equipment and clothing that needs to be replaced or dug out of winter storage. Also mrs. dirtleg will ask how many days are left about once a week or so. It is fun to see the days drop to two digits, in a week or so for us, then watch the number get smaller and smaller. I will probably stop paying attention to it a month or so before our trip though. It's just a novelty really.

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    I love my countdown clock. My wife and coworkers on the other hand don't since I'm constantly referring to

    Ny wife thinks I'm crazy because I do a little celebratory dance at countdown landmark moments. She thinks that getting excited when I passed the 300 day mark is a little excessive. But what does she know?

    Actually, one coworker (and fellow Jamaicaholic) and I have a little "game" where we quote our respective countdowns to each other whenever we pass the others office. It's the little things in life.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I love having my countdown clock, as any time I'm having a rough day, I take a look, and think that in XX days, I'll be touching down in Jamaica. I've got mine set for the scheduled arrival time of our flight to Jamaica, rather than simply the date. After all, what time do you set it for? 12:01am the day you arrive? Noon? Your best guess as to when you'll get to the resort?

    252d 15hr 55m 20s

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