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    Default Drinking Water/Ice

    We have friends that just came back from the Bahamas, and they have warned us to not drink any water that isn't bottled water. We have never been to Jamaica, so we're wondering if that is the case there. If we shouldn't drink the water that isn't bottled, what about the ice in our drinks?? This may be a silly question, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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    It is fine to drink the water in Jamaica and the ice, no worries mon! I always drink water and have ice and have never once gotten sick. Bad water is not a problem in Jamaica. :O)

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    No Worries in Jamaica. Been bo Couples resorts 5x and have always had the water from the bar and or tap with no problems. At CTI they gave us a refillable water bottle with a special water fountain and have filled it there and at the bars and used the ice cubes with no problem. They have a special water purification system that I saw part of as I went for a walk one morning.

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    The water in Jamaica is treated and safe to drink right out of the tap...the only exception would be up in the mountainous areas. We've made 15 trips to Jamaica and we drink the water and have ice in our drinks and never a problem. If you have any concerns or want to convince your friends they travelled to the wrong place (wink wink) do a google search and you'll find lots of info.

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    The tap water there is the best I have ever tasted. I like it so much better than the bottles Wata they have. That's pretty much what I drink the whole time we are there and then when I get home my water tastes gross by comparison. I get dehydrated easily so I am always drinking a ton of ice water there.

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    Best water we've ever had. No issues for us.

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    Thanks everybody!!

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    I have got sick at Disney World due to the change in bacteria in the water. *live in Missouri* Never once have I been sick at Couples. (ok hungover once) Drink all the H20 you want!

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    NO issues. Been many, many times.
    And now even have free logo bottles they give you and filtered water stations around the resort.

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    AT CTI they provide the reusable water bottles and have refill fountains through out the resort. The water is very good. Drink lots of it to prevent dehydration. I try to drink a bottle between my other "drinks".

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