Yesterday at work my co-workers were giving me a hard time about our trips to Jamaica. This will be the third year in a row since our honeymoon that we will "hopefully be making it back to our second home." I tell them you just have experience it yourself you can't really describe the way Jamaica makes you feel. Until you have felt it. Its ok they don't understand, cause we know!

Last night I had a dream/nightmare. In my dream my husband Matt and I arrived at the airport in Montego Bay, when we checked in we had the option of picking any of the four Couples resorts or one of the "S" resorts. Clearly not thinking right in the dream we picked "S" in Negril.
During our trip we were so disappointed with the entire experience. We kept asking ourselves, what were we thinking picking "S" over couples. At the end of the trip we decided that for our next trip we were going to Mexico.

I think its weird that even in my dreams I know that Couples is the best. I'm not trying to put down "S" we just know that we love couples and would never try another AL in Jamaica, why would you? We personally know 7 other couples that have been to Jamaica for their honeymoon's all of them tried the other resort and none of them have been back since. Along with my co-workers they all say "You're going back to Jamaica again, why?" I just smile and say we love couples. We just must have had different experiences at Couples then they had at other places.