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    Default we decided on csa need room advice

    Well we finally decided on CSA now we're working on which type of room I do probably need a tv which means the atrium rooms are out so can someone give us advice on the others pros and cons thanks

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    Some of the older garden veranda suites are close to the road, and depending on how well you sleep at night, can be quite noisy. Its not just the traffic noise, Jamaicans honk their horns continually, and if you are a light sleeper like I am, this can be very annoying. I would not book this room type again. I would book something closer to the beach.

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    We thought the same thing the first time we went to CSA. But we were persuaded to try the Atrium. We absolutely loved it. Didn't miss the TV one bit. And if we did want to watch TV, there is one in the sports bar across the street by the gym. It was a great experience. Gave us a lot more time to focus on each other.

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    We were just there the last week of January. We stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite. It does have a tv (and a minibar). It was a nice room, big and clean. We had a really nice view of the beach. The disadvantages of the room were that you had to go up lots of steps to get to it and that it is all the way to one side of the resort. It's nice if you like to be where stuff is happening, because the Great House building also has two restaurants, the night club, the tour desk, internet cafe, and gift shop. It's also right next to the swim up bar another restaurant. I really liked being able to watch sunsets from our big porch. Here are some pictures of our room:

    We picked the room because I wanted one that had wireless internet so we could video chat with our kiddos while we were there. I would prefer a room more centrally located on the resort, but I would still stay in a GHVS again, too. Hope this helps!

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    Beachfront Suites also don't have TV's but have a beautiful view of the Jamaican sunset. What a trade-off!!! We'll take the sunset any day...who needs a TV.

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