Its been a while since I've seen this come up and we're counting the days till we leave for CSS. (55 more sleeps) When we went to CSS last year we brought some goodie bags for those folks that went above and beyond as well as some who helped us with our wedding. The bags included things like Hershey Bars, ibuprofen, coloring books & crayons, cold meds, flip flops, spray stuff for the guys, lotion for the ladies and more. There is no way my husband is going to let me take an entire bag of goodies down like we did last year. I'm starting my collection of items that are MUCH smaller this year. I'm bringing some inexpensive reading glasses, Hershey bars, big and bold earrings for the ladies and some bottles of ibuprofen. Does anyone else do this? If yes, what do you bring and how do you hand them out? I was very discreet about it as I didn't want to upset anyone.