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    Default Going absolutely crazy!!!!

    Well i thought that reading all the message board threads i could handle and reading TA stories about their vacations was going to tide me over till we FINALLY get to go on our honeymoon March 19th to CSA. WELL, thats not the case, although i am enjoying reading eveything about the place everyone calls home, a place we have never been and are so excited to get there, I am going incredibly insane waiting for this magic date to come. I can hardly take it any longer. I dont know if i should quit reading all the fun letters or keep reading them and try and contain myself. I am literally crawling out of my skin in anticipation for this resort i have read so much about. Super excited to get there. What is a guy to do?????????? And they are talking about a foot of snow maybe sunday night here..... 7 miles beach, come take me away!!!

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    Easy big fella, you only have to wait until March....we must wait until August for our 6th trip to couples...tic, tic, tic....

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    HaHa, You think waiting is hard for the first trip wait till you start planning the second and you know what your waiting for. 107 days

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    Yeah, 177 days left for us, but who's counting?

    Another few inches of snow on the ground this morning makes me seriously wish I had booked this trip for February instead of August!


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    I think it's great that you are excited and I think you should continue to read the post on the message board and TA. As adults, we are forced to take things seriously more than not. You are going sooner than some (me)...also think of that! Many feel like you even if they don't say it, I do sometimes. My pattern is, after I book, I am on the message board and TA a lot. The wait is grueling. I hope you have a fantastic trip!

    One Love,

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    If only our next trip home was in March!! We went to CSA our first time in September 2010 and cannot wait to get back. I too, drive myself crazy combing through the message boards. I'm not sure if it helps or hurts, but I'm addicted. We are going back Christmas of 2012 as that's the soonest our schedule will allow. You think waiting until March is a countdown? Try almost 2 years!

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    I figure the waiting is half the fun of the trip. Once you leave you only have a few days in paradise, while you are waiting you have weeks and weeks of dreaming.

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    I know how you feel. We arrive 2 days before you at CSA and this is also our first time. It is fun to read all the posts but difficult also because we are so sick of the cold and snow. St. Patrick's day will be one to remember this year. See you there!

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    Go the local supermarket and get a six pack of red stripe. We have done this just to get primed for Jamaica. 23 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    24 more days until CSA for us, and no matter how many trips you make, the anticipation will be the same if not worse! I can't wait either!!! I'm dying for it to hurry up and get here, but then as soon as it gets here, it's over and then I'm sad again. LOL Hang in there Jason! We're really close now! Can't wait to meet you guys! :O)

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    June 2012 here, lol. The wait will be worth it. Couples is awesome!

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    Well thanks all, i know it is coming up fast and i know some of you have a lot longer to wait, i wasnt trying to rub it in, its just really hard to wait to get there for our first time, and i can imagine its going to be way harder to wait to get there for our second time already having tasted some of the sweet berry and cravin more. So it is going to be a lot of waiting then 8 very quick days in paradise then a lot of waiting. So yes for now Couples message board and TA will keep me company.

    Kristy you come up with some songs for your wedding yet to email me? I will hook you up if that is what you still want to do.

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    Rick here. Personally for me, it's all about the wait. I love my vacations. When we have one planned, it justs helps lift my day reminding myself it's coming. I don't like the real long waits tho'. Six months is just about right.
    I love my day counter and check it every day whenever I wanna smile.

    Rick and Teresa, our fifth Couples trip will be in 194 days to CSS!

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    I agree with Myappya, the red stripe is a good start -- and add some massage oil and reggae music to prepare for your trip. In the past I have gone to a music store and gotten Reggae Cd's, Bob Marley and such. I have days when I load them into my cd player in the workshop and it's a gas when someone comes up - with my back turned to them - and I'm dancing and singing with the music. All they can do is stop and stare and when I face them - see the magic in my eyes -- Ya Mon. At home - outside - Face south - Close your eyes and sit in the sunshine, let it warm your skin, take off your shirt and listen to the wind or the trees blowing and imagine being on that sandy beach you are going to -- add music and your almost there. The anticipation getting there for the first time and exploring all the resort & all Jamaica has to offer cannot be experianced in one trip. When you get home -- while sadly sick of leaving paradise -- you will be aware of all you didn't do and invariably you will start putting a list together of "TO DO" things for your next trip. Get off the resort while your there - take a resort tour trip or ask the tour desk to get you a driver to take you to the lighthouse, the caves, Ricks or go horseback riding. If your stay is short avoid the trips that take the biggest part of the day and experiance Negril. No Problem Mon, the town and the people want to see you and show you their brand of hospitality. Meet the people and gain new friends and it will inhance each trip in the future -- cause going "home" becomes righteous when you see your old/new friends.
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    Jason.........yes, I still need you to do it for me. I'm sorry I haven't sent them yet. Things have been so hectic here trying to get ready and being busy with the 4 kids. I will try to send them all this weekend. We have 4 picked out so far. I'll just e-mail you those, and you can let me know if you find them or have them. Unless you like Country Music, chances are you may not have them. LOL :O)

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    Default Kristy...

    We're getting married at CSA in June and I need to figure out my songs. If I may ask, what country songs have you picked? I'm a loyal country fan. Thanks ~~


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    I feel you on this! We're going for the first time in November. EIGHT months! And at the moment, I am in the midst of a cruddy Michigan winter! At least the upcoming spring/summer will break up the wait for me. Lord knows summers move fast in MI.

    I'm also w/ Rick on this one, though. Really, having something to look fwd to that I know is going to be incredibly AWESOME really boosts my spirits.

    I have never been to Couples but am already sad about leaving! lol

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    We have picked 4 songs so far. 2 are country, 1 is Christian, and 1 is Classic Rock:

    1. I Swear - John Michael Montgomery
    2. Just By Being You - Steel Magnolia
    3. When God Made You - Newsong
    4. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

    Some other ones I debated about were: Amazed - Lonestar, Cross My Heart - George Strait, and It's Your Love - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. Hopefully this helps! I know it's kind of hard to pick songs. I am trying to pick 5. I'm waiting on Angelo (my fiance) to pick the last one. :O)

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    Default klmurphy2005

    Thank you so much for posting your reply. You've picked some great songs. I totally forgot about It's Your Love by Tim & Faith. May have to include that one. Hope you have a wonderful wedding!!! Thanks again.

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    We're not going until the end of May, and the anticipation is killing me! I've been stalking the Negril forum on TA, and this one ever since I booked. I know how you feel. =)

    I agree, it helps knowing it's coming.

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