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    Default CSA countdown

    Excited about the final countdown to arrive at CSA Feb 28! Starting to pack and wondered how the temps have been in the evening--need light sweater?

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    That would be a good idea, just in case. The air conditioning can also be se very low.
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    Same question has the weather been at CSA and evening temps? We arrive on Feb. 26th....just 6 MORE SLEEPS!!! We are doing the single digit dance for sure!!!

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    We got back Feb. 16 and the temps were perfect- low 80's during the day and mid to upper 70's in the evening. We brought a lite sweater and never used them, even for Feather's or the catamaran ride. It still wouldn't hurt to bring one if you're cold-blooded, just in case. E

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    3 months from today we will arrive at CSA. Can't wait!! Been having dreams every night.

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