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    My wife and I will be at CSA on March 5 2011 our first trip cannot wait, read a lot about golf at negril do many people take the opportunity to play whilst at CSA I am a high handicapper but massively keen, read loads of reviews on couples and we hope that it is as good as we have read, please take care see you all later.

    Billy and Sharon

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    Hi Billy and Sharon,

    We are there for 3 weeks from the 12th March, I am planning to take my clubs so if you fancy a round and you are still in CSA, then i am MORE than happy to join you.

    Karl & Di.

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    Hi Karl and Di, thanks for the reply, unfortunately leave csa on the 12th hope you have a fantastic time there it will be our first time and we are getting so excited (just like kids at xmas) just over two weeks, please take care

    Billy and Sharon

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    Negril Hills is the name of the course... and as the name implies, its quite hilly. Its a challenging tract for the high handicapper, so I'm sure you'll appreciate it and have a good time.

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    thanks for info much appreciated.

    take care

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    We played twice on our recent trip. There were 10 people on the bus one day and 13 the other. Get your voucher from the concierge the day before and the bus leaves the great house pretty promptly at 8:05. The course is short and hilly and the greens are slow and a little rough but it's Jamaica in winter- who cares? Enjoy. E

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