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    We are planning on a trip to Jamaica in Feb. 2012. Have never been to a Couple resort but like what I see so far. For our first trip which resort would you recommend? CSA or CN? I'm leaning towards CSA. I know it is a matter of preference. So those of you that have been to both which resort is your favorite?

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    I've only stayed at CSA, but I have been to CN on a day pass. I love CSA, and I would never stay at CN. The way I see it, you have 3 different types of people:

    1. People love CSA and do not care for CN
    2. People love CN and do not care for CSA or…….
    3. People love them both

    I just happen to fall into the 1st category. I urge you to really look into both properties because what I love you may not like so much and vice versa.

    CSA –
    1. Beach is longer so you can walk further
    2. Beach is more active; there are bars on the beach where you can hang out and socialize
    3. Property is more spread out and has more of a resort feel
    4. There are more options for food
    5. We love the Aura Lounge and Ultimate Chocolate, the Piano Player
    6. The Sports Complex/Spa across the street is amazing

    CN –
    1. Beach is more quiet (There is an AN Beach if you’re into that)
    2. Less Vendors on the Beach
    3. No Beach Bars
    4. Resort has more of a hotel feel
    5. Less dining options than CSA
    6. More of a pool centered resort

    Both Resorts –
    1. Great Food/Outstanding Service
    2. Red Flag Service on Beach; so you never have to leave your lounger if you want a drink, just place your flag in the sand.

    The resorts really do have two different feels. Some say that CN is more intimate because everything is so close together, but it just felt like a hotel to us. Again, both resorts are great as far as staff and food. So, just figure out what you’re looking for in a vacation and book it! :O)

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    We stayed at CN in Feb 2008. It was my first all-inclusive and it was fabulous. We have reservations at CSA for June 2011. I decided CSA for our second trip primarily for the longer/more active beach and the fitness complex with the lap pool and jogging track. CN was nice but kind of being inside a cove, the beach wandering is minimal. The massage I got at the CN spa was heavenly.

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    @klmurphy I think you just changed my mind on where we are staying on our honeymoon! We originally picked CN but I think we are going to change to CSA. We are youngerish and like to drink and have fun and I really like the idea of the beach bars!! And I want to be able to walk the beach too.

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