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    Default CSA Honeymoon -- will we qualify for honeymoon gifts?

    After much research, we just booked CSA for our October honeymoon. Because we didn't book through CSA's site, will we still qualify for the complimentary honeymoon gifts? I'll be sad if we forfeited some of those extra goodies by going through the airline.

    We did so because we wanted to be sure we had insurance on the flight AND accommodations in case of a TS or hurricane in October. It's such a touchy time of year and I am pretty sure CSA's site only insured the accommodations.

    I'm so excited, though! Everything I've read and researched has really made CSA (and Couples in general) sound like a great, relaxing, yet FUN place to stay.

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    It doesn't matter how you book your trip, but you do need to bring proof that you were married within the last month.
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    Just call them and let them know its your Honeymoon and they will ask you to bring your licence to verify it and you will get all the goodies.Congrats!

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    Yes you will still qualify. You will need to bring a copy of your marriage license, this is the same for anyone going on their honeymoon not just people booking through another company.

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    Thanks for calming my fears, everyone. I'm going to go to sleep for the next 225 nights pretending that I hear the ocean!

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