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    Default Tipping at the Spa

    How much is appropriate to tip the ladies at the spa? Same as at home? I tend to be pretty generous when tipping at home, but if I have $500 in resort credits to spend, the tips could really add up. Thanks!

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    We tip 20% like we would at home....I guess you can think about it as "hey, I'm getting $500 worth of REALLY GREAT services for free, and all I'm doing is giving 20% of that to someone who can probably REALLY use it!!" Hope that rationale helps....

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    I tipped same as at home, so approximately 20%, give or take. This usually ended up being a $20.

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    I also tip 20%.

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    Where do you leave the tips at? We had a free massage last time and didn't see where to leave tips.

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    What has always occurred with our massages in the past (also with the free massage) is that after you are dressed the masseusse will see you leaving and say goodbye and as she comes up to you, that is your opportunity to shake her hand or hug her and give her the tip.

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    If, for someo reason, the person who gives your massage is not in the lobby area when you leave so that you can give them the tip, you can leave it with the person working the register/reservations.

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    We stayed in the jacuzzi after the massage and never saw them again. I'll remember next time.

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    It is always customary when tipping staff (anywhere) the value of any freebies. And I personally never tip less than 20%.

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    I realize that people on the message board know what to expect based on experience and reading other threads. But for those who never get on here it can probably be confusing about tipping.

    You get chastised for tipping a bartender yet berated if you don't tip at the spa. Yet your told there is a no tipping policy and people can be fired. I can understand where some might be confused.

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    Thanks everyone. I usually tip more than 20% at home since I realize that most people working in an industry where tipping is expected really depend on those tips. Thanks for the input.

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    I agree with Sublime Brad. We were there over New Years (CN) and if I had not read the message boards would never have known the spa staff was not couples employees. They had white jackets on and I booked our massage at the Couples Spa and they were in there when we went to check in. Very confusing. We did tip them as I knew from this MB that it was allowed. Also - I know Randymon said that he hates messages about tipping and just don't do it, but friends we were with had no idea there was a no tipping policy so he offered to tip the man who brought the bags to their room and he took it no problem. My friend was not offering the tip because he got exceptional service, just because it was customary to do so in the US and it was taken just like in the US so he thought he was to tip everyone. We quickly told him otherwise, and he stopped, but we saw it going on all over the resort, some were turned down and some were gladly accepted. I think it is un-fair to assume everyone who is tipping is doing it knowing it is not allowed and very frowned upon. It is never mentioned when you check in or during the orientation.

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