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    Default Advice for CN and CSA Couples veterans....Hugs

    Broaden your fun times by visiting CSS and CTI.
    Both resorts are so different and so outstanding.

    CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia is a hands on gm and his staff is awesome..Seek out Minini and tell him hi for Tommywommy

    CTI's GM Leonard Henry is also a hands on hard working gm..His staff will make you a very proud guest...Seek out Maxine and give her a hug for Tommywommy.

    So come on,try these two resorts and add them deep into your hearts just as Peggy and I have done.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    We stayed at CTI just after it reopened and did the day trade to CSS, we were very impressed with CSS what a beautiful property

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    WE LOVE CSA and did a secret rendezvous this year. We like many received CTI. I had severe anxiety before our trip. Our trip was January 22-26, and yes now WE LOVE CTI ! My husband HATES doing a lot of walking ( had foot surgery in the past- chronic problems) and he loved the lay out and size of the resort. I still prefer the large size of CSA, but otherwise, we really enjoyed everything about the resort. Next trip is to CSA in September, 2011 - but will consider doing another Secret Rendezvous in the future. Since visiting CTI, I feel assured that I will LOVE any Couples resort.

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    I will have to be sure to look up Pierre when we get to CSS this summer. And Tommywommy I will be sure to give Karen a hug for you as well when we get to CN...

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    The biggest problem we faced after a visit last May to CSS was this:
    We love CSA and returned there last December for our fourth visit. Now because we love CSS too, and now are booked at both of them next December! Couldn't decide between the two.

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    Default Wow!!

    Hey Tommywommy,
    Wow -- have you changed. I started on this message board when planning for our honeymoon in 2007. At that time, Rrrrr was the (un)official ambassador for CSA and you were the (un)official ambassador for CN. It was CN or nothing for you then. Now you're actually suggesting even the other side of the resort. Good for you. We've now been to 3 of the 4 and will be visiting your favourite -- CN -- in three weeks. We can hardly wait. I'm sure we will love it as much as you do, and many others do. We look forward to our private dinner on the beach, and a massage in the treehouse, and the beautiful Negril beach. We do though agree with you that the Ocho Rios resorts are so awesome too. All of the Couples resorts have a special unique quality to each of them. We'll raise a "Salty Dog" to you. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CTI '08,10
    CSS '10
    CN '11

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    Default I do love CN..Couples Negril
    It was very hard convincing me to try CSS..I fought tooth and nail not to go to CSS(pretty ladies and wine made me agree to go)..But,now I'm so glad I did.
    And there was no way I was going to CTI..No way.Again,pretty women and wine made me agree to go to CTI..I tried to get out of it for months..Well,I went and fell in love with CTI also.

    So,if I can love CN,CSS and CTI then you just might also.
    Give this some thought.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    Default We will !

    after 5 trips to cn and one to csa we have realized that perhaps you can enjoy one of the other resorts more than you think you might so our trip for 2012 will be split between one week in negril (although deciding which one will be very difficult) and one week at CSS. Then perhaps the following year CTI and the Negril resort we didn't do in 2012 !! if only we could do one week each every year ..... But need a lottery win before we can do that .... Thanks Tommywommy for the post ...... Your words are very wise . Xx
    Helen, UK

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