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    Hello hello

    Are there drycleaning facilities on site at CSA Negril? Can anyone tell me the rates for shirts. I'll take it payment will be accepted in USD


    Booyakasha xxx

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    Some examples of prices in US dollars(from December 2009):

    Shirt/Blouse $3.00
    Pajamas/Night Gowns $4.50
    Shorts $4.00
    Trousers/Slacks $4.50
    Dresses $8.00
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We have learned to use the laundry service at CSA. We work out every day, so we can pack a lot less if we use the laundry service around the fifth day of a 10 day stay. We've used the service twice, and have always gotten our laundry returned the same day. You can only charge it to your room. You settle the bill at check-out.

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    Bob & Judy,

    how much would you wash and what would the cost be? I will be spending 5 days in Montego Bay for my wedding before I go to CSA and don't want to pack for roughly 2 weeks.

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    Hi Nyce - this past January, I had the laundry service do 9 t-shirts, 5 pairs of my workout shorts, 1 pair of dressy shorts, 3 pairs of Bob's workout shorts, and 2 nightshirts. The total cost was around $67. Not cheap, but priceless when it comes to packing. Since we had a resort credit, all of it was covered, but I still think it is worth the cost, especially if you are staying for 2 weeks!

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    Thank you Judy. With us also having the resort credit, I'm happy to hear that we can charge the laundry fees to the room. That will be a HUGE help.

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