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    Has anyone had their hair done for their wedding at CTI? I just want to make sure they are able to do medium length hair, above shoulders.

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    I am also curious about this. I'll be there in April for the wedding and have short(ish) hair. I keep checking and I don't see any reply.

    Maybe you know of someone we can contact to ask? in case fellow board members don't know.

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    Put me on the wait list too! Planning an August wedding at CTI. I have longer hair. Thanks!


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    Im not worried about it they probably are good. Are you getting married in April Kayjo30?

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    I thought the salon did a great job with my wife's hair - it was just at shoulder length, maybe a bit longer. She really loved it!
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    I got married on New Year's Eve and the salon did my hair which is about to the middle of my back and they did an okay job. The bobby pins that they have there are a lot wider than the ones we use in the States, or at least they were that day for me. I had to have a bridesmaid pin about 40 pins in my hair after we left. The ladies that work in there are really sweet though and maybe I just wasn't vocal enough. I also took a picture of what I wanted with me so I think that may have helped a bit.

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    KNM, Yes I'm getting married April 4th. It's our anniversary and I'm happy that it'll continue to be. It's getting so close!!

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